Do you have a Milky Moustache?

MMWhen you were young, did you ever drink a glass of milk up to its very last drop? I did. Yeah, I was probably forced to do it to have strong bones. But everytime, I would always get a moustache. Just the thought of it makes me smile now, and reminisce about the good old younger days.

MM7MM2MM5MM3MM4MM1This charming little place in BF Homes wouldn’t necessarily harken back one’s memories but it does specialize in milkshake concoctions. And by the mention of milkshakes, I did feel like a kid then. The place’s design was very white romantic with storybook references. I found the light fixture to be peculiarly cute as it looks like a whisk.

Pencil (Salted Caramel: P 160)
Pencil (Salted Caramel: P 160)

MM_saltedcaramel1I tried one of their bestsellers. Not a fan of caramel in general. And sadly, this further stamped on my dislike for that sweet. Upon sipping this, I was expecting something different but it was like drinking liquid caramel candy. I can hardly taste the salt factor. On a plus side though, it was creamy and milky. But just too sweet for me. Added almost a glass of water, and it still tasted sweet.

English Moustache (Cookies &  Cream: P150)
English Moustache (Cookies & Cream: P150)

MM_cnc1My friend tried this other bestseller of theirs. Fortunately, it was a hit for her. I had a sip of this, and it was indeed delicious. You could taste the cookies and cream in the drink.

MM8Despite of the disappointment I had with my chosen drink (partly my fault really), I would still try other shakes at this place. They have one with Kit Kat in it, and I bet that tastes good. Plus, their milkshakes stays true to what it is: creamy and very milky.

Milky Moustache
67 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes,
Parañaque City


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