What lies behind the Tatsunoko door…

TNK4And that was the door that bade us goodbye. Feels a little eerie doesn’t it? But once you step inside and get a taste of their Japanese dishes, all that eeriness goes away.

TNK2TNK3TNK1We came here on a late afternoon, and found ourselves staying longer than usual. Interiorwise, it’s definitely lacking in that department. Mismatched chairs, plastic covered tables and few Japanese decors adorn that place. It looks like an old house converted to a restaurant. Despite of all that, a lot of people still flock this place for the food. You can even spot Japanese locals dining here which is proof of how good and authentic their dishes are. So now, on to the main event!

Gyoza (P 90)
Gyoza (P 90)

TNK_gyoza1The outer layer was thick which was the only downside for this. The filling was good especially when added with some sauce. I liked the crunch on the bottom. Just by looking at the photo above, you could tell how crispy they made its bottom.

Chicken Curry Rice (P 135)
Chicken Curry Rice (P 135)

TNK_curry1You could hardly see the chicken but there are chicken bits on this one. The curry sauce was good. It wasn’t that spicy. I liked how the rice was warm that when you eat it with the curry, ugh, so good. And you could tell how generous they were with the portions on this one.

Oyakodon (P 135)
Oyakodon (P 135)

TNK_oyako1This was good too. It astounds me and my friend how the rice at the bottom stayed warm. And yeah, there were lots of rice on this. Slightly sweet, this dish was very flavorful and yummy.

House tea (FREE! :D)
House tea (FREE! 😀 )

TNKHonestly, I was a bit hesitant to dine here at first. Just by looking at that signage above, who wouldn’t want to turn back and look for another restaurant to dine in? Opening its door didn’t change my almost decision to turn back. But upon bite after bite of their dishes, I felt more at ease and at home. More diners came too which proves how good their dishes are. All were reasonably priced too. Not expensive at all, and very friendly to one’s budget. Also, the servings were good for sharing.

If ever you drop by this place, don’t hesitate to open that door. Step inside for what lies ahead are great and inexpensive Japanese food. 🙂

452 El Grande Street, BF Homes,
Parañaque City


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