Some yin and yang at Kafe Yen

KY7The night was slowly winding down. Before heading anywhere else, some balance and peace was needed for that night. And this café provided just that.

KY4KY1KY2KYKY5KY3KY6The restaurant had this rustic elegant feel with its wooden tables, plush chairs and mini-chandelier. Little knick knacks filled the squared shelves. Some were even on sale. There were a couple of books that one could read while dining here. The place also doubles as a bakery for Manna, hence, the dedicated area for their pastries.

Thai Coffee (P 85)
Thai Coffee (P 85)

KY_thaicoffee1I don’t recall having Thai coffee. I always have Thai Milk Tea which I really like. So when I saw this on the menu with an indication “must try”, I did. I mixed everything in first for fear that it might taste too acidic if I sip it immediately. Oddly enough, it was actually a bit sweet. Must be the milk on top. I could still taste the coffee brew in the mixture. Though I still prefer hot coffee over iced ones, this was okay.

Woo Zaah (P 210)
Woo Zaah (P 210)

KY_woozaah1Had to order this. Among their dessert selections, this stood out. I mean, catchy name right there! Consisting of fried roti, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream, this was just okay too. The roti was crispy with soft layers inside. It wasn’t sweet at all which was good as that’s where the vanilla ice cream comes into the picture. However, I would’ve liked it if the ice cream was smooth and creamy. It had this icy texture which I didn’t like so much. If it was of the smooth, creamy and velvety kind, I would’ve shouted the name of this dish in my head.

KY8Overall, it was an okay dining experience. They do have other dishes that are of Thai cuisine. The other table were served with some of it, and it smelled good. Must come back for that. But since some relaxation was needed for that night, this kafe provided just that. Some yin and yang to either end or start one’s night.

Kafe Yen
289 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes,
Parañaque City


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