Staying cool under the Coco Hut

coco-hut-2Can you feel the temperature slowly rising in the metro? I do. It’s just March yet the heat is racing its way to summer time. When that happens, you just want to stay cool. And why not at this hut somewhere down south.

coco-hut-4coco-hut-1coco-hut-5coco-hutAt first, I thought that this would just offer chicken. I was surprised that they have a lot of seafood dishes, and Filipino ones at that. Though the whole feel of the place has this Hawaiian theme going on, it’s very Pinoy in some of the foods they offer.

Sotanghon Soup (P 70)
Sotanghon Soup (P 70)

coco-hut-sotanghon-soup-1I think this is one of their new items as this isn’t a staple in their menu yet. It was a good soup though a little oily.

Kani Cake (P 135)
Kani Cake (P 135)

coco-hut-kani-cake-1I loved this! I’m biased here because I love crab (even the fake kind). Crunchy on the outside with that smooth kani filling inside, it makes for one enjoyable appetizer. It’s good on its own but to add more pizzazz, a little sweet chili sauce could help in that area.

Bamboo Shoots (P 89)
Bamboo Shoots (P 89)

coco-hut-bamboo-shoots-1Shoot! This was good! Haha. I know…so corny of me. But this really was good. They didn’t overdo the coconut cream. Though in the menu it said “spicy”, this wasn’t spicy at all. I still liked it. It’s best to have this with warm rice to fully enjoy this vegetable dish.

Poor Man's Fish (P 175)
Poor Man’s Fish (P 175)


Coco Squash
Coco Squash

Not really a fan of fried fish. I prefer grilled ones (yes…pa-healthy 😛 ). But seriously, I do prefer the latter. So this was just okay for me. The fish was very crispy. The sauce could have been spicier. As for the coconut squash, it was just okay. It was very creamy to the point that it seems to be just mashed squash.

Classic Chicken (Breast: P 95)
Classic Chicken (Breast: P 95)

coco-hut-classic-fried-chicken-1New fave fried chicken! I’d still go for Jollibee’s Chickenjoy or Bad Bird’s safe chicken but this made me happy too. The skin was very crispy, and the meat inside was tender. The spices were good too that you wouldn’t need to add gravy in. But if you want to add some spice, do add the gravy. Just watch out for the sliced whole peppers as biting into one could take you on a hot ride.

Hut Chicken (Breast: P 105)
Hut Chicken (Breast: P 105)

coco-hut-hut-fried-chicken-1Upon first bite, it wasn’t spicy. Seconds later, the heat came on. Still wasn’t enough to start a fire so adding the gravy could do the trick. Same as with the classic one, it was crispy and juicy.

Teamarind (Regular: P 65)

coco-hut-teamarind-1Slightly sweet that you could taste the tamarind in the iced drink

Coco Shake (P 99)
Coco Shake (P 99)

coco-hut-coco-shake-1This was sweet. Oddly sweet. Hardly tasted the coconut. It tasted like Silk’s Very Vanilla soy milk.

coco-hut-3They have a lot of dishes to choose from with a lot of spectular options. I couldn’t gauge their service much as there were only a few customers that time. But our orders came in on time so that’s a plus. Perfect for casual family lunches or friend get togethers, try staying cool under this hut.

Coco Hut Fried Chicken & Fish
G/F, Commercenter, 1780 Commerce Corner Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City



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  1. I’ve always wanted to try this, kaso ang layo. Taga-Norte kasi ako e. Haha! Same owner sila ng Army Navy diba?

  2. I see. Di ko alam yung sa Technohub. Sige, I’ll try it one of these days.

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