Check out this Sprout!

sprout-97-Eleven. Ministop. FamilyMart. These are the convenience stores that abound Makati and the rest of the country. When you want to grab a quick snack or cheap lunch, these stores offer just that and more. Though one would find limited healthy options there, there is one convenience store that offers just that. Their claim: “fresh convenience”. And when I stepped inside this store, it felt fresh.

I’ve been seeing this place since this is just near my office. I’ve always been curious as to what this offers. When I heard that they offer healthy foods, it piqued me. And being that it is healthy, I knew that it wasn’t going to be friendly on one’s pocket.

sprout-6sprout-1sprout-3I liked how white the place was with little pops of design here and there. There were little potted plants too that makes the place pleasant. There’s a little corner where one can dine in. They have a couple of dishes that one can eat there but most can be taken out.

sprout-5That is their interactive menu. It is touchscreen though I had trouble pressing it. Someone did assist me on it (and I found out I have to press lightly. Hehe).

sprout-2sproutsprout-4So many foods, so little time. I found myself dropping by this place a couple of times last week. With that said, I’ll be doing reviews of the snacks I ate here. I have never been a health nut but did my 3-day Sprout experience made me one? You’ll just have to find out on my next entries. 😉


And my 3-day Sprout experience is done! Check out the foods I’ve tried below. Also, here are my final Sprouting thoughts. 🙂


G/F, Signa Designer Residences,
Valero cor. Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City



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