Sprout’s Pulled Pork Burrito

sprout-pulled-pork-burritoI was one hungry fella. Everytime I arrive at the office, I’m always hungry despite of eating breakfast. So when I saw this burrito at Sprout that said “chow down, big man”, that was it for me. I had to buy it to nourish myself. I thought that once I buy this, I’ll just heat it up at the office. But the staff at Sprout were kind enough to heat this up for me. So when I arrived at the office, I was ready to devour this thing.

Pulled Pork Burrito (P 284)

sprout-pulled-pork-burrito-2Upon first bite, I immediately tasted the pulled pork which was good. Being that this is healthy, it was actually very tasty. But I was looking for the rice. And it was the black variant for this one. A few bites in, and I was able to taste the whole thing. Something spicy then slowly crept up and surprised my tastebuds. It tasted very peppery. And it was the kind of pepper level I couldn’t take. When I peeked inside the burrito, there were whole peppers in it. I don’t mind having black pepper on my dishes but if it’s the whole round ones, that’s where we have an issue. I stopped munching on this as my tongue was on fire already.

I did finish the whole thing but I took all the whole black peppers out. Overall, it was just okay. Sorry Sprout but I’d still go for the good old burrito with all the supposed unhealthy goods in. Yes, I expected a lot from this. On a positive note, it was very tasty. And it did fill me up. I ate half of it in the afternoon, and was full ‘til dinner time. I guess that’s the plus side of eating healthy as you really get all the nutrients one should eat, thus, making you really full.

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