Sprout’s Kale & Roasted Vegetables

sprout-kale-and-roasted-vegetables-1I was looking for something to pair with my packed dinner. Then I thought that salad would be a good pair. Headed here, and this one stood out: Kale & Roasted Vegetables. All the other salads had this pop of freshness in them that the roasted factor in this got to me. Besides, I wanted to be one of the cool kids that night. 😎

Kale & Roasted Vegetables

sprout-kale-and-roasted-vegetables-3sprout-kale-and-roasted-vegetables-4I’ve never had kale before, and I’ve always wondered what the hype was all about. Some say that it’s one of the healthiest vegetables around. With its dark green color, I bet it is. This salad came with balsamic glaze that adds this tinge of sweetness. I liked it when I poured some in. It had this very thick consistency so I was very careful in my serving of it. The roasted vegetables didn’t sit well with me. Or maybe I’m just used to the warm kind as this was cold. I like roasted veggies but I like ‘em hot. The walnut bits were a nice addition. It gave the salad some crunch.

sprout-kale-and-roasted-vegetablesOverall, this salad was okay. I was close to having this heated just because of the roasted veggies. Not sure if that would’ve made my experience better. 😕

G/F, Signa Designer Residences,
Valero cor. Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SproutPh
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sproutph

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sproutph


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