Wrong Ramen is so right

wrong-ramen-9Yes, this ramen joint is really right. It doesn’t try to be right or ride on all those seemingly authentic ramen places out in the metro. Which is a good thing really. I mean, how can you stand out among the rest? In terms of taste though, is Wrong Ramen really right?

wrong-ramen-10wrong-ramen-2wrong-ramenwrong-ramen-4wrong-ramen-3wrong-ramen-6wrong-ramen-1wrong-ramen-8wrong-ramen-7wrong-ramen-5True to Japanese fashion, this place was minimalist in a black and wooden kind of way. Those hanging “pens” alloted per chair are actually penlights. When the server places your chosen ramen, it highlights just that. Very clever for them to have it designed that way. Makes for better looking photos as it really puts the spotlight on the food. They placed quirky stuff here and there with their Starbucks ad, note on the door, wooden bricked message and Darth Vader doll.  Apart from all that quirkiness, everything seems cohesive in this place.

Chashu Rice Rolls (P 125)
Chashu Rice Rolls (P 125)

wrong-ramen-chashu-rice-rolls-1As a starter, we had these rolls. It tasted fresh with hints of flavor because of the chashu. For added oomph, one can dip the roll in the sauce. These were good pairs to their flavorful ramen.

FU Ramen (P 425)
FU Ramen (P 425)

wrong-ramen-FU-ramen-2wrong-ramen-FU-ramen-1wrong-ramen-FU-ramen-3I geared up for this. As soon as I saw bacon on the menu, that was it. I knew I had to try it. Yes, this ramen is sinful. Imagine having bacon, fried egg, cheese and spam on your ramen bowl. I knew that the moment I took a sip of this, the ramen gods were mad. But I didn’t care coz it was GOOODDD. Sinfully good. The broth wasn’t that creamy but very rich. They placed a lot of ground black pepper on this one as I could taste it in every sip. The noodles were a bit on the hard side which I liked very much. Astoundingly, the bacon wasn’t crunchy but it wasn’t the soggy type either. It was just right and so gooood. And the spam, UGH. And the fried egg was cooked perfectly! The cheese…was cheesy. Man, this was really good. It’s probably going to take me a year to eat this again but I would gladly and patiently wait for that time.

Tantanmen (P 395)
Tantanmen (P 395)

wrong-ramen-tantanmen-1I still hold a high regard for Ramen Yushoken’s Tantanmen but this was alright too. It wasn’t of the creamy broth type but this still had a good ramen base. Though it looks like they placed meatballs in, that ball slowly crumbled as you mix it with the rest of the dish. This one packed some good heat that could get one fired up.

wrong-ramen-11So if you want to have a unique ramen experience, I highly suggest this place to you. Packed with all the wrongness that is so right, you will surely feel good dining at this place. 😛

Wrong Ramen
Forbes Retail, Forbes Town Center,
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WrongRamen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrongramen
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wrongramen/


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