Tasting LASA Bistro

lasa-bistro-3In my opinion, Filipino dishes are always full of flavor. And, we like it that way. Being influenced by other cultures does have its perks. We have adapted to that, and translated it to some of our well loved dishes. So how does this bistro fare to that? With all these Pinoy restaurants, does this bistro in the south stand a chance?

lasa-bistro-2lasa-bistro-5lasa-bistro-1lasa-bistro-4The place was modern chic with pops of color that adds some warmth. One can dine inside or al fresco which is perfect during the evening (to bask in the semi-cold evening breeze).

Complimentary puto with aligue butter
Complimentary puto with aligue butter

lasa-bistro-puto-1lasa-bistro-aligue-butterWe were first served complimentary puto paired with aligue butter. The puto was quite dense, and tasted good. I added some of the butter in but I preferred just eating it on its own. Oh, and the colors signify flavor too. I got the yellow one which had bits of corn in it.

Tofu Sisig (P 180)
Tofu Sisig (P 180)

lasa-bistro-tofu-sisig-1Creamy with the right amount of heat. Yeah, this was good. It wasn’t the spicy kind that would overpower one’s senses. I couldn’t help trying it with some rice because of the cream.

Thai-inspired Crispy Tilapia (P 330)
Thai-inspired Crispy Tilapia (P 330)

lasa-bistro-thai-inspired-crispy-tilapia-1I kept wondering how this was Thai inspired. I would have likened it to having Vietnamese influences as it looked fresh with all those greens and bean sprouts. But once I got to taste the dish more, I found out it had coconut bits. Okay, Thai inspired it is! Haha. This was good. The fried tilapia bits were crispy on the outside. The mixed herb salad with palm sugar chili lime dressing was light enough to pair with the fried fish. I could hardly taste the chili though.

Kare-Kareng Crispy Tadyang (P 460)
Kare-Kareng Crispy Tadyang (P 460)

lasa-bistro-kare-kareng-crispy-tadyang-1Yup, that is a their take on Kare Kare. When my family and I dined here, we didn’t know how to “attack” this. I mean, just look at how this is arranged. How do you get the pieces from that beautiful plating? So pretty…but sometimes, you have to destroy what’s beautiful to nourish oneself. Okay, not a quotable quote but we had to eat it eventually. Instead of the usual kare kare where all the ingredients swim in the sauce, they did a Japanese take on this by frying the vegetables. The crispy tadyang pieces were fried too but the meat was still quite tender. The kare kare sauce wasn’t your usual sauce that’s too flavorful. It was just right but still tasted very much of kare kare. To stick with tradition, this was served with some shrimp paste for added flavor.

lasa-bistroOverall, our dining experience here was really good. Not sure if it’s really right to classify this as one of those fusion restaurants because at the very heart of it, it’s really Pinoy. They were able to successfully meld all these influences to classic Pinoy dishes, and make it their own. Perfect for family gatherings or reunion with friends, this restaurant will surely be swak sa iyong panlasa! (translation: perfect for your tastebuds!).

Lasa Bistro
G/F Commerce Center,
1780 Commerce cor. Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LASABistroInc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lasabistro
Instagram: https://instagram.com/lasabistro/


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