The TUS Branding

TUSGot the title of the post from my friend. Her advertising eye immediately zoned in on how this restaurant brands their dishes. You’ll soon see and understand why. 😉

TUS-1TUS-7TUS-3TUS-2TUS-6TUS-5The place had this rustic charm with all the wood and simple details. I liked the addition of banderitas that makes it a bit festive.

Half Baked Cookie (P 180)
Half Baked Cookie (P 180)

TUS-half-baked-cookie-1TUS-half-baked-cookie-2We really stopped by here for the desserts. As much as I would have liked to try their dishes, I’ve been hearing raves about that cookie. Being that it’s near my place, might as well give it a try. I liked how this was presented. The cookie was the centerpiece with it placed on that clay container. When I first got a spoon of cookie, I heard the outer crust crack a little. I had to stop for I knew this was gonna be good. And it was! Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, all the flavors just balance out. It wasn’t that sweet, and was very chewy. The chocolate bits were spread out evenly ensuring that in every bite, you get the whole chocolate cookie experience. It’s best to have it with the vanilla ice cream slightly drizzled with chocolate syrup. The combination was just heavenly. The ice cream had this creamy texture which I really liked. Yup, I had to pause for a bit in every bite. I had to revel in the dreamy experience.

Churros Con Tsokolate (P 120)
Churros Con Tsokolate (P 120)

Churros Con Tsokolate (P 120)TUS-churros-con-tsokolate-1Carefully stacked and sugared well, these churros were good. Though I still prefer that of Churreria La Lola’s, these were pretty good too. Though there were a couple of pieces that had burnt edges, dipping it in the tsokolate countered that. It wasn’t oily, and had a good crunch to it.

TUS-8Now, do you get the whole branding thing? Not sure on their dishes but our desserts had the whole “TUS stamp” on it. Rightly so as this restaurant can really be proud and put a stamp on those treats. They were really good and deserving of having those prices. So come on over, stop by for some desserts at this place, and experience the TUS branding.

TUS’ Clay Pots & Skillets
Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Official website:
Facebook page:


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