How do I become a Kanin Club member?

kanin-club-4It’s very easy. All you have to do is to love eating rice. It should be the kind of love where you can’t possibly give it up no matter how hard you try to resist it. Yeah…it’s the can’t-sleep-can’t-live type of love. I know I’m bordering on exaggeration here but at this club, you really must eat rice.

kanin-club-1kanin-club-5kanin-club-2kanin-club-3The place has a very Filipino feel to it with colorful paintings adorning the space. It’s like entering an abode where one feels welcome and very much at home. During dinner time, it was packed with families and friends all geared up for their interesting and delicious dishes.

Crispy Dinuguan (P 290)
Crispy Dinuguan (P 290)

kanin-club-crispy-dinuguan-1Confession: I don’t eat dinuguan. Ever since I was young, I would veer away from this dish and choose others. Maybe it’s the color that was off-putting for me. So when I first saw this, I was hesitant to try it. But hey, it deserves a 2nd chance right? Plus, it’s the crispy kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to try anything that’s crispy. So when I first had this, I was hooked! Seriously, never knew it tasted good. Plus, it’s crispy. I don’t have any complaints on that. Ever since then, ordering this at this club is always a must. If it’s your first time dining here, make sure you order this. Promise, you won’t have any regrets. 😉

Spicy Tahong (P 240)
Spicy Tahong (P 240)

kanin-club-spicy-tahong-1To balance the tasty Crispy Dinuguan, we had something spicy and of the seafood kind. This wasn’t creamy, and had the right balance of coconut milk and spice. This could serve up to 4 people if you have other dishes.

kanin-club-6It’s always good to dine at this club. I have to admit though that I’m not an official member yet. Do I want to be a member? Heaven’s yeah! 😀 Packed with dishes that are must pair with rice, this is your go-to place for your rice cravings.

Kanin Club
Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Facebook page:


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