The Chicken & Beer Combination

chicken-&-beer-4Having some good chicken dish coupled with a few good bottles sure makes for one good combination right? Yes, and yes. But for that night, no beers but just good old chicken (ha! Fooled ya!). With all the chicken dishes this restaurant offers, let’s check out if their combination works.

chicken-&-beer-3chicken-&-beer-5chicken-&-beer-6chicken-&-beer-7The place was very simple adorned with a few quirky items. I was lucky enough to dine at their BGC branch so when I found out they opened one here in the south, I was excited. Sad to say, I like the design there better than the one here. If you see the drawing with angel wings, one could pose with those wings at their other branch. The art decals there seem more fun.

chicken-&-beer-1chicken-&-beer-2As starters, we were given these complimentary crispy noodles. They were very crispy but bordering on the bland side.

Chicken & Mushroom Soup (P )
Chicken & Mushroom Soup

chicken-&-beer-chicken-and-mushroom-soup-1chicken-&-beer-chicken-and-mushroom-soup-2Whenever I think of chicken & mushroom soup, I always assume it has cream. Blame it on Western influences. So when this was served, I was surprised. Though it may look like the ingredients were just swimming in water, it was quite flavorful. One could taste the mushroom broth. When you think about it, this was one healthy soup as you could feel the fresh and warm base.

Spicy Dduk-Bokki (P 210)
Spicy Dduk-Bokki (P 210)

chicken-&-beer-spicy-dduk-bokki-1About 3 or 4 years ago, I was fortunate to travel to South Korea. It was autumn season so it was a bit cold. I saw this stand selling street food that includes the one above. It was served hot but a few minutes in, it got cold fast. I didn’t enjoy it. Fast forward to now, I gave this another shot. All I can say “damn! This one’s hot!”. And I do mean that literally. Every bite had this fire feel to it yet it was still good. The sauce was really good. For those who like spicy food, this one’s for you.

Original Chicken Set (P 170)
Original Chicken Set (P 170)


With added sweet soy
With added sweet soy (+ P30)

Last time I ate here, I couldn’t get their chicken dish off my mind. It was that good. So I was looking forward to eating that again. BUT I chose the wrong dish. Hehe. I asked the server to replace it for me thinking that we were on the same thought. Again, it still wasn’t it. They added some sweet soy glaze which was surprisingly good. It added this sweetness to the chicken. The chicken was crispy, and still tender inside. This was one mistake gone good.

Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi Set (P 180)
Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi Set (P 180)

chicken-&-beer-grilled-chicken-bulgalbi-set-1Had a bite of this, and it was good. Better than mine actually! It did come with the sauce but it’s good on its own.

chicken-&-beerThough there were a couple of misses on this one (which is 100% my fault), this combination was good. The dishes are fairly priced. And if you love chicken, you’re sure going to have one jolly time at this place. Do make sure you have the full combo (chicken & beer) to make for one enjoyable dining experience.

Chicken & Beer
Molito Commercial Complex,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Official website:
Facebook page:


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