Down that red brick memory lane…

college27It’s been years since I last walked those pebbled steps, grassy fields and concrete blocks. It’s been years since I last rushed from one building to the next. It has been years. Now, visiting the campus was a peaceful and nostalgic one.

college1college2college3college6college7college10college11college13I wasn’t planning to take photos when my friends and I visited here. But as soon as I saw those giant jackstones, I couldn’t help but take out my phone and do a few clicks. The art pieces were very interesting with all those references to Anglican hymn and Moonriver lines. It had this whimsical feel that takes one back to his/her childhood days.

college8college9I was so glad to see this. My friend said that it still stands. It was still new during my junior or senior years. Though a bit faded, glad to hear it still makes that old familiar tune.

college4college12college14college15college16college17college18college19college21college22college23college24college25college26As we walked along the school’s hallways, we couldn’t help but reminisce on the memories stamped on each building. Like, “this is where I used to have my locker” or “these chairs didn’t used to be here”. Something of that sort. There were a lot of changes such as that bike stand with the roof over it. There’s even an e-jeepney shuttle now!

college20And this saved me! I would always be bringing this 700ml water container and a few snacks in order to survive the day. I would fill my container with the water from this station. Yes, that very station. For some reason, I find myself using that more than the other ones in the campus. Ironically, I wasn’t a heavy water drinker then. There would be times that I would go home, and still have that container full up to its brim. Yeah, that’s how dehydrated I was which was really bad! 😮

college5Though it was a bit gloomy that afternoon, it was still a nice good stroll along that lane. Back then, life was simple if compared to now. You only had the worries of your acads and other activities you may be involved in. What used to stressed me then pales in comparison with the present. As much as I want to turn back time and go back to that “simple life”, one must keep moving forward. Or in Dory’s words, “just keep swimming”. And as my friends and I bid adieu to this place, my heart was filled with longing not just for the good old days but more for the days to come. 😀


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