Keep burning those Flaming Wings

flaming-wingsAnd these wings are hot! And I do mean that in a it’s-really-friggin’-good kinda hot. And this chicken joint is doing a mad job of keeping it that way. And I typed “and” a lot. 😀

flaming-wings-1The place still looked the same after all these years. It still had the same black tables and black chairs with very minimal décor. It’s one casual place where you can really have good chicken.

Buffalo Wings (5pcs at P248)
Buffalo Wings (5pcs at P248)

flaming-wings-hot-wings-1Some wild wings to start the day. It was the kind of spicy that one could take. I forgot what dip was paired with this but it’s good without that.

Tenders (P 95)
Tenders (P 95)

flaming-wings-original-tenders-1I always go for this as I really don’t want them bones in the way. Had this in original sauce paired with their ranch dip. It was quite tangy. I really like how they do their tenders here as the pieces are cut thinly unlike in some restos. This allows for the sauce to sink in, thus, making one flavorful dish.

Wing Meal (P 130)
Wing Meal (P 130)

flaming-wings-wings-1My friend had their wings version of the original one. This meal comes with 2 wings, your choice of dip, rice and drink. They also have a Tenders version of this with the same additions.

Mashed Potato (P 45)
Mashed Potato (P 45)

No rice for that day. Just good old mashed potatoes. I found it to be a little dry though. I really wanted rice but forgot to order it. Besides, their serving of this is good for two.

Wicked Oreos (P 80)
Wicked Oreos (P 80)

flaming-wings-wicked-oreosThis was a must on our list that day. Yeah, the chicken was good but this is what we really came for (I think my friends and I were on the same boat on this one. Hehe). Three fried oreos paired with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate powder and sprinkles. And yeah, three servings for four gals.

flaming-wings-wicked-oreos-2I think they crushed the oreos first that’s why the cream isn’t visible. Or probably the cream melted during the frying process. Not sure on the process but this makes for one enjoyable dessert. Though it wasn’t as glorious as I used to have it back then, it still was a comfort dessert for me. 😛

flaming-wings-2It’s signage maybe a little torn but their dishes are definitely spot on. They serve up delicious foods that’s right for one’s budget. A lot of students still flock this place no matter what time of day it is. So if you’re feeling a little fire burning in your stomach and found yourself along this avenue, drop by this joint to experience their hot wings. 😀

Flaming Wings
318 Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Facebook page:


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