Join the Craft Coffee Revolution

craft1And it’s about time to join this revolution. A revolution that involves one’s creative soul and get quite crafty. To embark on this revolt, a whole lotta coffee and some desserts are a must.

craft-1craft-2craft-4craft-5craft-6craft-3craft-8craft-7Somewhat hidden along Esteban Abada Street is this café that doesn’t look much from the outside. It’s very simple with it’s signage that glows orange at night. But once you step inside, a new feeling washes you over. Though small, it feels cozy and is still able to sit budding coffee drinkers. They do have an outdoor area but it’s pretty small too. Good thing that their counter doubles as a table for those who want to see the baristas in action. Their interior design feels very raw in a sense. There’s just a couple of wooden fixtures and plush seats. I was rather fond of the artworks posted. I found it interesting for them to have this in certain corners of the place. Also, they sell a couple of records that were neatly stacked.

Flat White (P 140)
Flat White (P 140

craft-flat-white-1No latte art on this one. The presentation may not look that appealing but in terms of flavor, I liked it. The balance of the espresso and milk was just right. As it was late in the afternoon, I still needed some caffeine on me but not too much so as not to disrupt my sleep. And this coffee did just that.

Below are the coffee choices of my friends that time.

Iced Latte (P 140)
Iced Latte (P 140)


Cappuccino (P 120)
Cappuccino (P 120)

craft-cappuccino-1We had to couple our coffee with their desserts. It just looked so good on their counter that we had to try it.

Frozen Brazo (P 130)
Frozen Brazo (P 130)


No wonder this was their bestseller. It was good! With a fluffy top layer, the middle was creamy in an ice cream kind of way. It wasn’t that sweet that one could have bite after bite. We just all exclaimed happily once we bit into this.

Macadamia Sansrival (P 140)
Macadamia Sansrival (P 140)

craft-macadamia-sansrival-1One of their bestsellers too, this was my fave among the bunch. Partly because I’m biased to macadamia but still, it was good. They were quite generous in the amount of the nuts here. The buttercream was just right that it doesn’t overpower the slice. Aside from the macadamia nuts on top, you could taste the nut in every bite. This was one heavenly slice.

Apple Crumble (P 120)
Apple Crumble (P 120)

craft-apple-crumble-1This was my pick. Not one of their bestsellers but it looked good. True to its name, this was a bit crumbly. But not to the point that you wouldn’t be able to taste the crust. This one had a good combination of apples and cinnamon that could very well hold itself with the other slices we had.

craftcraft-9If this café existed during my college days, I would have joined in on the revolt years ago. I find it to be a relaxing space where one could do one’s assignments, read a good book or have a few chit chats while drinking some good coffee. Aside from their sweet slices, they have a variety of dishes too. Yeah, this revolution seems really solid on both its offers, the place, and of course, their coffee. 😎

Craft Coffee Revolution
88 Esteban Abada Street,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Facebook page:



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  1. Ah yes, beside La Creperie right? 😀

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