Add some Silantro

silantro-5Good Mexican food in the metro is like looking for a specific spice or herb. Sometimes you’ll get lucky to find the perfect one that would complement your cooked dish. Sometimes lady luck did not work out in your favor. But in a miraculous moment, you’ll sometimes find that perfect herb that makes all the difference, thus, making your dish simply awesome. In my case, I found one that was just too hard to pass on. Time now to add that Silantro.

silantrosilantro-saucesilantro-4silantro-3silantro-2Situated in the food hub that is Kapitolyo, this Fil-Mex Cantina was packed with customers despite of it being so late in the afternoon. We arrived at almost 2pm and still got no. 16 on the waiting list. That was enough proof of how good their food must be. It has been getting raves so my friend and I decided to wait it out. The place wasn’t that big. When it was our turn to dine, we didn’t even get the seats inside. Good thing they had this air evaporator directly at us. Good thing too that the heat wasn’t at its peak.

Silantro's Quesadillas (P 160)
Silantro’s Quesadillas (P 160)

silantro-quesadillas-3silantro-quesadillas-1Yep, that’s their version of a quesadilla. Nope, the taco wasn’t pressed and the filling just oozed out from it. Topped with fries, the taste was indescribably good. One would think that this would be too cheesy but the filing consisted of something else non-cheese. I wasn’t able to assess the ingredients that time as I just reveled in its amazing flavor. 😀

Silantro's Paella Fajita Mix (P 250)
Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix (P 250)

silantro-paella-fajita-mix-1silantro-paella-fajita-mix-2To be honest, this could very well be a paella if it were not for the fajita rolls. I wasn’t able to eat the roll much but concentrated more on the mix which was very flavorful. They were generous on the seafood and chicken portions here as it seemed to equal the rice. Still, I like their take on this. If you’re going to order this, make sure to put the paella mix in the fajita roll. OR you could just follow my footsteps by totally ignoring the roll and heading for the rice. 😀

Iced Tea (P 80)
Iced Tea (P 80)

silantro-iced-tea-1Good thing we ordered this! It was a good thirst quencher and palate cleanser for all those tasty Fil-Mex goods. This tasted very fresh with hints of lemon. One good drink to cool the day off.

silantro-1silantro-6Right after finishing everything, I dreamed about what I ate minutes later. It was that GOOD. I wouldn’t mind waiting that long if the food was that great. Dining al fresco coupled with great Fil-Mex dishes, yep, it’s good to add this herb on one’s list. 🙂

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
75 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Facebook page:



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  1. I love this place. The prices are manageable considering the servings. Yun nga lang, you have to wait indeed especially on peak hours.

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