And this was one Epic Cafe

epic-cafe-8Indeed, this was epic for me. Coffee wasn’t on my mind then. It was “the cake” that lured me to this place. But once I got a sip of their blend, that’s when I knew that this café would live up to its name.

epic-cafe-1epic-cafe-6epic-cafe-5epic-cafe-4epic-cafe-3epic-cafe-2epic-cafe-7The place was very wooden and really cozy on the inside. Something about it just makes it feel that way. I found it peculiar that they have a couple of bicycles displayed. Aside from those bicycles, they have some vintage finds too that adds to the cozy vibe.

Rainbow Cake (P )
Rainbow Cake (P )

epic-cafe-rainbow-cake-3epic-cafe-rainbow-cake-2epic-cafe-rainbow-cake-1Ahhh…just look at those gorgeous layers! It may not be the full 7 colors but still, it was beautiful. If you don’t fall in love with this cake, I don’t what will. It was pretty tall too. My friend and I had trouble how to eat this at first. Just like any cake out there, it was sweet but not to the point that it would make one have a sore throat. My friend said it tasted like those birthday cakes at parties. And I have to agree with her on that.

Epic Blend (P 110)
Epic Blend (P 110)

epic-cafe-epic-blend-1I asked the barista what could be paired with their Rainbow Cake. Since I didn’t want those flavored ones, he suggested that I have their Epic Blend. Good recommendation as it countered the sweetness of the cake. It was a bit of a strong blend with a nice acidity to it. I got to witness this pourover type of coffee, and how much attention was paid in preparing this. It was a good blend that had a nice roast to it.

Long Black (P 110)
Long Black (P 110)


My friend opted for their Long Black which was stronger than the one I had. I had a sip of it though I think my senses were already affected by then (by what I drank).

epic-cafeAnd we stayed there for a couple more hours just talking about the future, current events and the cake. This café is the perfect setting for those catch up sessions where you could enjoy good coffee paired with good food. I guess it’s the coziness of the place that really makes one stay longer. And for me, that kind of experience is pretty epic. 😉

Epic Cafe
7th East Building, 102 East Capitol Drive cor. Santa Rosa Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Facebook page:


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