Visiting the House of Lasagna

house-of-lasagna-2Everytime I walk to the office from the bus station, I always pass by this “house”. It has only been open for a few months but the buzz on this quickly grew as it gets packed during lunch and dinner hour. On a holiday, my colleagues and I finally had the chance to dine here. Let’s go visit what this house has to offer. house-of-lasagna

Complimentary garlic bread
Complimentary garlic bread

house-of-lasagna-3The place is really small which is no wonder why they don’t accept reservations. I do think they cater to private functions but if you want to dine here, some patience is needed. Luckily, dining on a holiday lessened its crowd.

Pesto Lasagna (Whole tray: P1,400)
Pesto Lasagna (Whole tray: P1,400)

We were a big group then, and decided to go for two types of lasagna. To veer away from the usual tomato based type, their Pesto Lasagna was a breath of fresh air. That was my share of it. Though it was heavy on the cream, it was heavy on the flavor too. True to pesto taste, one could see and taste the olive oil here. This only consisted of mushroom so it’s light on that aspect.

Beef Lasagna (Whole tray: P 1,400)
Beef Lasagna (Whole tray: P 1,400)

house-of-lasagna-beef-lasagna-1We wouldn’t miss this one of course! The whole dish was really good that could fill you up fast. I liked this one better than the pesto variant just because I’m really a fan of the tomato sauce on this.

Southern Fried Chicken (4pcs at P 260)
Southern Fried Chicken (4pcs at P 260)

house-of-lasagna-southern-fried-chicken-1To pair our lasagna choices, we got this. It wasn’t as crunchy as I expected it but the coating on the chicken was good.

Blueberry Cheesecake (P 110)
Blueberry Cheesecake (P 110)

house-of-lasagna-blueberry-cheesecake-1I was only able to take a bite of this, and I must say, it was good. It’s lighter compared to other cheesecakes out there. I guess that’s a good thing if you’re having heavy dishes so as to balance everything out, and end on a sweet light note. house-of-lasagna-1Visiting this house was a good escape to a holiday office run. Since we were a big group, we opted for whole tray orders. They do have half tray and single orders if you’re in a small group or dining solo.

With a variety of lasagna to choose from, this house indeed is the House of Lasagna. Paired with some chicken or capping it off with some dessert, this house is surely worth another visit.

House of Lasagna
3/F Dela Rosa Carpark 2, Dela Rosa Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
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