A Perfect Saboten

saboten-1And this Tonkatsu place gets a perfect 10 for me. I know I’ve hailed the other Tonkatsu place as such but I’d go here every chance I get. It was that good. Now, let’s go over why this gets 10 out of 10 from me.

saboten-3saboten-6saboten-2saboten-5I liked how the place was decorated with all those lightly colored wooden pieces. It makes one feel refreshed and light. It also has this very minimalist and clean feel that makes one feel relaxed too.

Unlimited cabbage

saboten-cabbage-1Instead of having your own share of cabbage, they just place it in this one bowl where they would fill it up whenever needed. Good thing too as some people might prefer to have this separated from their meals.

Curry Chicken Set (P 375)
Curry Chicken Set (P 375)

saboten-curry-chicken-set-1saboten-curry-chicken-set-2And this curry was GOOD. I liked how they equally portioned everything that makes for one good plating. It packed that slight heat one would get from a Japanese curry. The chicken was fried well not to the point that it was oily. It kept the juices intact to make for one flavorful chicken piece. This set came with some miso soup.

Miso Katsu Tenderloin Set (P 440)
Miso Katsu Tenderloin Set (P 440)

saboten-miso-katsu-tenderloin-set-1Served on a hot plate, the miso sauce added this slight sweetness to the pork cuts. The cuts weren’t swimming in the sauce which was good in order to have that balance between worlds. This was very tasty and yummy too.

The Original: Tenderloin Set (Large at P 440)
The Original: Tenderloin Set (Large at P 440)

saboten-original-tonkatsu-tenderloin-set-1saboten-original-tonkatsu-tenderloin-set-2And for the grand dish: the Original Tenderloin Tonkatsu Set. No fats were in the way on this one! Just pure pork meat goodness. Every bite was succulent with slight crunch thanks to the lightly coated breading. Dip it in the sauce and it enhances the flavor of the tonkatsu. One could order this in either small, medium or large. I forgot how many grams per order but the large fit our group of three just right. Paired with miso soup and rice, this was one set that could make one’s belly really full. 😀

sabotenAside from their delectable and almost perfect dishes, service was good too. The servers were attentive to our needs. I do think that their dishes are fairly priced as you would really get delicious and carefully prepared for meals.

It’s no wonder why this got a perfect 10 for me. It made my belly oh-so-happy that I’m willing to go back (everyday yes?) for more of their Tonkatsu dishes. 😀

G/F Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/raintreesaboten
Twitter: https://twitter.com/raintreesaboten
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sabotenph/


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