Going Mad Mark’s Crazy

mad-marksWho wouldn’t go crazy at this creamery? On top of all their ice cream goods, this place offers affordable and yummy steaks. That’s one good crazy deal if you ask me!

mad-marks-1mad-marks-2mad-marks-3mad-marks-4Good thing my friend and I weren’t super hungry at that time as we waited a couple of minutes before we got a table. Though we would’ve preferred to be seated indoors, their al fresco spot wasn’t that bad (and hot too). There were only a few servers that time.

Signature Steak (P 315)
Signature Steak (P 315)

mad-marks-signature-steak-1mad-marks-signature-steak-2Medium rare was the preference of the night. Just look at that slice: pink on the inside and seared well on the outside. Placed on top of some corn & carrot bits and paired with smashed potato smothered in cream of mushroom sauce, that was one good steak.

Johnnie Double Black Ribs (P 305)
Johnnie Double Black Ribs (P 305)

mad-marks-johnnie-double-black-ribs-1mad-marks-johnnie-double-black-ribs-2This was my pick. Though I’ve had a share of that steak, I’m really a ribs kinda gal. And this double black ribs didn’t disappoint. I was easily able to get the meat out of the ribs. The sauce on this was very on point. A bit tangy that went well with the whole dish. I envied my friend a little when she had a piece of this as she ate it using her hands. I used a fork and a knife. Yeah…implementing a new rule when eating ribs. 😛

Sumatra Arabica w/Biscotti (P 85)
Sumatra Arabica w/Biscotti (P 85)

mad-marks-sumatra-arabica-biscotti-1Must never leave this place without having their ice cream. I was supposed to get the famous Half-Baked Madagascar but it was already sold out. Tried out other variants instead (yes, you could taste the flavor first before choosing your final one). When I got to taste their Sumatra Arabica w/Biscotti, I knew that was the one for me. It definitely has shots of espresso and biscotti pieces in. As compared to other coffee-based ice cream, this one was leaning on the intense side which was good. It was also very creamy that’s good to cap the evening off.

mad-marks-5So yeah, I was a little mad. How is it possible for one place to serve good and affordable steaks? How is it possible for one place to have amazing ribs? To top it all of, they have awesome ice cream! Yeah, that’s how good crazy this place is. So if you want to get all of that, try this creamery out for some crazy good eats. 😀

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats
2/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madmarkshonestfood
Instagram: https://instagram.com/madmarkscreamery/


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