The Happy Cream Puff Bliss

happy-cream-puffWhy were desserts created? I sometimes ponder on that. Those sweet delicious ones just tempt you and make you gain those unneeded pounds. Those sugary types just make you want to have more than just a bite. So why? Because admit it or not, it gives you that immense bliss. A momentary escape to life’s anxieities whatever it may be. And yes, these little puffs at this pastry shop did just that for me.

happy-cream-puff-1These three little nuggets made me happy. Having one was just okay. Having two seemed odd. But having three, yeah, enough to get my sugar level pumping. 😀

Matcha (P 25)
Matcha (P 25)

It was my first time seeing this variant on their counter, and I knew I had to try it. I was able to taste the green tea flavor on this one. Coupled with their somewhat cold filling, this was one sweet treat for me.

Icing (P 25)
Icing (P 25)

At first I thought this was soft. But as I bit into it, I found out that it was hardened sugar coating on the outside. I didn’t like it as much as my other two choices. It was just too sweet for me.

Plain (P 25)
Plain (P 25)

I purposefully had this one as my last. I was expecting to be overwhelmed by my two choices that I wanted to end on a simple note. I’ve always liked their plain ones as I really get to delve in the flavor of their cream puff. The pastry just had the right consistency where it was a bit flaky on the outside but still very much intact. It meshed well with the filling which was somewhat cold. I like their filling here as you could taste the vanilla in it. You could even see bits of the vanilla bean.

Other happy cream puff choices…

Sliced Almond (P 25)
Sliced Almond (P 25)
Caramel Cream Puff (P 25)
Caramel Cream Puff (P 25)

happy-cream-puff-2This branch was quite small with only a few tables inside. I think it mostly serves as a take-out counter where you can share a box with your co-workers or take some home for the family. Whatever way you have this, it still tastes the same which proves how good this is. Every puff is prepared with utmost attention that really gives you a sense of “yeah, I’m in the right place for these sweet babies”.

So if you’re feeling down, drop by this cream puff place and let their pastries fill you up with bliss. 🙂

Happy Cream Puff
G 16, Rada Regency, Rada cor. Dela Rosa Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City


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