Warung Indo Beat

warung-indoSo what’s the beat in this place? Some modern pop tunes while diners happily devour their dishes. Their beats does seem to match the colorful décor here. With the lights and sounds of this casual Indonesian resto, let’s check out the beat of their funky dishes.

warung-indo-1This place does get packed during lunch hour but for dinner, not so much. Aside from Indonesian cuisine, they offer Chinese ones as well.

Bakmie Goreng Seafood (P 210)
Bakmie Goreng Seafood (P 210)

warung-indo-bakmie-goreng-ayam-1Considered as one of their bestsellers, my friend tried their Fried Noodles with Seafood. According to the server, it was supposed to be spicy. And it quite was! I had a taste of it, and felt its fire seeping through. My friend read somewhere that they have this special sauce so she requested for some. She then mixed it in which made all the flavor more interesting.

Nasi Goreng Dengan Sate Ayam, Telur & Kerapuk (P 225)
Nasi Goreng Dengan Sate Ayam, Telur & Kerapuk (P 225)

warung-indo-nasi-goreng-dengan-1warung-indo-nasi-goreng-dengan-sate-ayamAnd this was my pick for the night: Special Fried Rice with Chicken Satay, Fried Egg Omelette, and Prawn Crackers. To be honest, I thought that egg was just like any ordinary egg. Not even close to being an omelette one. As for the rice and the satay, just truly tasty. All the additions on this one make for one sumptuous dinner. This is good for two but yeah, being a hungry folk, I finished it all. 😀

warung-indo-2With its somewhat unclear signage, this small place does attract budding customers. Prices are affordable as dishes can be good for sharing. It’s very casual too where you can grab a quick lunch or spend some quality dinner time. Service was just okay. There were a couple of servers who seemed lost. Still, the dishes’ beat of this restaurant is a-okay.

Warung Indo
G/F LPL Manor, 116 Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warungindoo



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  1. I remember also eating here a few times, being near one of the buildings where I used to work. I especially loved the tempeh and gado gado. Try Indonyaki in Maginhawa Street, QC. They have good Indonesian dishes, too.

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