Just Simply Thai

simply-thai-5Its name was so simple and straightforward that you’d know what dishes they serve. Decked in all its green calmness, this resto was simply a must-stop for one gearing for Thai cuisine.

simply-thaisimply-thai-1simply-thai-2simply-thai-6simply-thai-4simply-thai-3simply-thai-7It was a little late in the afternoon when we dropped by here but the place felt warm and relaxing. It was probably all that green color that just felt fresh to one’s eyes. To add some warmth, their interesting lights did the trick. To add that nature feel, its wallpaper made that possible. I was very fond of it actually (and I’m using that photo as reference for my future wall at home 😉 ).

Complimentary treat
Complimentary treat: Tapioca Pearls

simply-thai-tapioca-pearls-1It was Mother’s Day when we dined here, and got this delicious complimentary treat. I was able to take a bite of it, and reveled in every bite. It was good. It wasn’t that sweet. It had the right balance of coconut cream that makes this one good snack.

Mieng Kam (P 240)
Mieng Kam (P 240)

simply-thai-mieng-kam-1As recommended by our server, we tried this one out. The name and its description seemed interesting. Our server even went on to add that on some days, this wasn’t available. Consisting of traditional Thai prawn, coconut and lemongrass placed on betel leaves, this left me questioning why I said yes. It had this weird aftertaste for me. It did tasted fresh because of the leaf but I think this is more of an acquired taste.

Phad Thai (P 360)
Phad Thai (P 360)

simply-thai-phad-thai-saucessimply-thai-phad-thai-1I liked how they enveloped the whole dish. It almost looks untouchable! But yeah, we had to dive in and eat it. It was good. Very flavorful sans the sauces that came with it

Chicken Bamboo Shoots in Green Curry Sauce (P 365)
Chicken Bamboo Shoots in Green Curry Sauce (P 365)

simply-thai-chicken-bamboo-shoots-in-green-curry-sauce-1Categorized under their curry dishes, I didn’t expect it to be that hot. This dish sure packed some heat that we ordered some plain rice to go with it. It may seem dry but the curry sauce was evenly layered over the dish. I especially liked the bamboo shoots on this one as it was cooked well.

Khao Niaw Mamuang (P 220)
Khao Niaw Mamuang (P 220)

simply-thai-khao-niaw-mamuang-1simply-thai-khao-niaw-mamuang-2One must always, ALWAYS have room for dessert. I know, that complimentary treat may very well be in this category but this was just a must-try. Yeah, it was good. The rice was sticky enough to be a good pair those mango slices.

Thai Milk Tea (P 120)
Thai Milk Tea (P 120)

simply-thai-thai-milk-tea-1I was supposed to have coffee that day but since this was ordered, I gave it a shot. So glad that I did! It was good! As compared to other Thai Milk Teas out there, I liked the punch of tea on this. Some have this tendency to be sweet but I like to taste tea in my milk teas. This was indeed one good drink to cap the whole dining experience.

simply-thai-8Overall, our experience was good. Service was on point. The dishes were presented very well. They were very generous in placing orchids in our drinks and to our dessert. Though not all of our choices were spectacular, I wouldn’t mind giving this another shot. A big factor would be the ambiance (which I think is even better at night) but a bigger factor is in its simplicity despite of its somehow grandeur façade.

Simply Thai
G/L Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplyThaiGreenbelt5


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