Time to get Cerealicious

cerealicious-cafeIt was years before I last had this. There used to be a stall in my college cafeteria but I know it has since closed. So when stalls of this popped along in the south, it was time to get serious over Cerealicious Café.

cerealicious-cafe-3Their branch over here was really small. Aside from the high chairs at that corner, there was another one and a small couch in the middle. It’s more of a take out counter. Plus, it can get pretty hot inside (air conditioner wasn’t working at its maximum).

cerealicious-cafe-2I was surprised to see that they offer more than just cereals now. They also have some dishes and even some milk tea offers. Still, their highlight for me was their “cereal blockbusters”. I’ve always been amused at how they label these. For those cereal creations, one could get it either in trailer (small at P60) or blockbuster (large at P110) size. You could even add ice cream on their cereal concoctions for just P10 only!

Charlie & The Chocnut Factory (Trailer: P60)
Charlie & The Chocnut Factory (Trailer: P60)

cerealicious-cafe-charlie-and-the-chocnut-factory-1This is still my fave among their other offers. I like how this one tastes especially with the chocnut bits. Aside from that, this has bananas and Milo balls drizzled with chocolate syrup. Mixed in with their snow milk, this was one sweet and cold treat.

Pirates of the Cadbury-ean (Trailer: P60)
Pirates of the Cadbury-ean (Trailer: P60)

My friend tried this which she seemed to enjoy too. This one had Koko Duo, Oreo and Cabury Zip.

cerealicious-cafe-1This really was a “blast-from-the-past” moment for me. I used to get that flavor a lot when I have money to spare. It was just a nice and inexpensive treat especially on a hot day.

So if ever you’re craving for some sweet cereal treat, get amused and sweetified at this cafe.

Cerealicious Cafe
Tropical cor. El Grande Avenue,
BF International, Las Piñas City
Official website: http://cerealiciouscafe.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cerealicious-Cafe-BF-Homes-Paranaque/336727183159423
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cerealiciouscf



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  1. You know, I suddenly missed their branch along Katipunan (beside FBR Arcade). It suddenly disappeared, only to be replaced by Kebabers which – as of this time – no longer occupies that spot. 😦

  2. is there any branch along Ayala Makati?

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