Feel the Cold Stone Creamery

cold-stone-creameryI distinctly remember my first Cold Stone Creamery experience. It was during my 1st trip to LA where I had a taste of this. Though it was a little cold that time (still spring season), I wanted to try it since they did all these moves in creating one. I forgot the flavor that I had back then but the experience never left me. It was creamy and rightly sweet. So when I found out that they were opening branches here, I was stoked. I’ve known about their branch over here at the south for sometime now but never got around to trying it. And on a hot evening, time to feel how this outlet fared.

cold-stone-creamery-3cold-stone-creamery-1cold-stone-creamery-2There were only a few seats available but I doubt anyone would sit here when the sun is shining. It looks more like a take-out counter so that you can still stroll while reveling in your chosen cold treat. They have lots of flavors to choose from which you can have as is (labeled as “Love It”) or go with their signature creations. The latter is where their team gets crafty, and put in those additions.

Pistachio (P 158)
Pistachio (P 158)

The color looks really green and close to mint. But upon taste, the bursts of pistachio shined through. No additions on this one as one would love it as is.

Apple Pie a la Cold Stone (P 168)
Apple Pie a la Cold Stone (P 168)

cold-stone-creamery-apple-pie-a-la-cold-stone-1This was my choice: Apple Pie a la Cold Stone. Surprisingly, this did taste like apple pie! I had to take another bite to make sure it was ice cream. Haha. It wasn’t that sweet though towards the end, I think the sweetness got stuck at that point. The apple bits were tangy that blended well with the vanilla ice cream. It really was just good that the hot evening turned to a happy and somewhat cool one.

cold-stone-creamery-apple-pie-a-la-cold-stone-2Yeah, I’m feeling this creamery right here. Literally as some of its contents went to my hand. The mixture just seemed to overflow from that cup. I’ve made a mental note to have this next time on a waffle cone. Just like my first time. 😉

Cold Stone Creamery
G/F Alabang Town Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Official website: http://www.coldstonephilippines.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coldstoneph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coldstoneph


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