Trying out Elbert’s Sandwiches

elberts-sandwiches-6This looked new to me. But I soon found out that this was the sandwich shop located at Powerplant Mall. It permanently closed its branch over there, and found its new home down south. Time to try this one out!

elberts-sandwicheselberts-sandwiches-4elberts-sandwiches-5elberts-sandwiches-2elberts-sandwiches-3Their former branch used to have this 1960s bar feel with its neon sign glowing brightly. But in their new home, they decided to go for a more modern and classic look. Maybe it’s just me but it’s still reminiscent of their old branch. It still had this vintage vibe that sets for a casual break time either with family or friends. I do wish that they’d put up some blinds as the sun directly hits this place in the afternoon.

American Cheesesteak (Classic: P 340)
American Cheesesteak (Classic: P 340)

elberts-sandwiches-american-cheesesteak-classic-1elberts-sandwiches-american-cheesesteak-classic-2A must-try on their list: Classic American Cheesesteak. Good old cheesesteak on an 8-inch roll that just oozes out with flavor. The only contents were just the thinly sliced steaks, onions and cheese. It wasn’t too cheesy that you would get tired of it. It was just right to have you biting for more. No wonder it’s one of their bestsellers!

Fresh-cut Fries (P 60)
Fresh-cut Fries (P 60)

elberts-sandwiches-fresh-cut-fries-1You can opt to have their combo which consists of your chosen sandwich, fries, and a drink for an additional price of P80. We did just that as it seemed like a real steal. The fries were served hot and quite crispy. I could taste the potato in it. Really good (and I couldn’t stop grabbing more of it) 😛

Chipotle Pulled Pork (P 280)
Chipotle Pulled Pork (P 280)

elberts-sandwiches-chipotle-pulled-pork-1elberts-sandwiches-chipotle-pulled-pork-2I saw barbecue on the menu. And then it pointed me to this sandwich. I ordered it immediately. It was a no-brainer really. You just had to. With some onions, coleslaw and jalapeño peppers, this sandwich won me over. It was good! The bbq sauce was very tangy and blends well with their 8-hour Texas barbecued pork butt. After that tangy taste comes in the fire brought about by those jalapeño pieces. I think my face got a lil red that time but I didn’t care. It was GOOD. 😀

Beer-battered Onion Rings (P 70)
Beer-battered Onion Rings (P 70)

elberts-sandwiches-beer-battered-onion-rings-1elberts-sandwiches-beer-battered-onion-rings-2To bring my slightly red face to its normal shade, these rings did the trick. Just one bite and you’ll know, there are onions inside. Though I prefer the fries, this one was pretty good too. Kudos for the plating on this one!

Sola Iced Tea (Lemon: P 60)
Sola Iced Tea (Lemon: P 60)

elberts-sandwiches-1They have other sandwiches that doesn’t need convincing for me to try them all. Service was fast. You could easily have one for take away, and munch on it at home while watching your fave show. Though a bit pricey for a sandwich, they don’t scrimp on the quality in terms of ingredients and taste. You’ll surely get your money’s worth when you try this one out. 😉

Elbert’s Sandwiches
G/F The Commerce Center,
1780 Commerce cor. Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City


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