Catch this Bait

baitsThis resto near my office piqued me. Its name should’ve given me a clue then but still, I wanted to check this one out. With a couple of my good friends, we dined here to catch what this bait was all about.

baits-2baits-3baits-1baits-5baits-6baits-7The interiors were a bit mixed up though it had this feeling of being on a boat. There were frames hanging on its walls along with some plants. Setting the scene for some good drinking, the place looked alive at night. It even had this theme going on their playlist from some late 90s alternative rock tunes to hiphop beats circa 2000.


Seared Tuna Salad (P 360)
Seared Tuna Salad (P 360)

baits-seared-tuna-salad-1baits-seared-tuna-salad-2I’ve always had this notion that salads should be part of the appetizer. So it was surprising to have this on their mains section. With those big chunks of well-seared tuna, it probably passed the mark. I liked how the tuna was seared with a deep hue of pink in the middle. It was tender and was the real highlight of the salad. Aside from the main ingredient, this was paired with some beans, cheese, boiled egg and citrus vinaigrette. I tasted hints of sea salt on this one too.

Sweet Potato Ravioli (P 325)
Sweet Potato Ravioli (P 325)

baits-sweet-potato-ravioli-1And I’ve got sweet potato fever! Haha. Well, I’ve always been biased to this root crop. It’s just so darn good! As for this dish, it was pretty okay. I did find the ravioli pieces to be a bit thick. The sweet potato filling was good though I wish there was more of it in every piece.

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (P 425)
Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (P 425)

baits-beef-tenderloin-salpicao-1They had a different take on this. Instead of pairing it with rice or having it all on its own, they added some thick egg noodles and spinach. And it was good! It was my fave dish for that night. The flavors just burst out from every bite. And yes, the whole combination worked. The beef was tender, and the noodles were cooked well. Though this was not in the theme of the restaurant, still a good choice when dining here.

baits-8So I thought we were just gonna eat seafood at this resto. But they have multiple meat dishes (even a suckling pig!) to satisfy your beef cravings. We didn’t get to grab some drinks that time but the setting really was made for that. With some throwback tunes, good food and supposedly good drinks, catching this bait will surely make for one good moment with your buddies.

Bait’s by Chef Joseph Margate
Signa Eat Street, G/F Signa Designer Residences,
Valero cor. V. A. Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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