Batanes: An Introduction

batanes-an-introductionAnd this finally happened. After months of waiting and intentionally saving up my vacation leaves, THIS finally happened. It all seemed to float like a dream. Before the trip, I remember closing my eyes for a few seconds while at the office and imagining the lush green fields of this place. I then opened my eyes, and all I saw were the lights being emitted from my work laptop. Stress got to me somehow. I felt this strong urge to really take a break but I tried my best to push on through. At that time, weekend getaways were my only escape. batanes-an-introduction-1We’ve all been there at one point in time. We’ve probably felt that need to just detach oneself from everything and just go someplace to relax and recharge. THIS was it for me. It was the perfect place to do just that. With absolutely no mobile data signal and intermittent network connection, I was able to detach. Even if it was just for a few days, the feeling was great. I was able to appreciate everything around me. Imagine looking up at a starry night sky at 7PM, breathing in fresh air, looking at all His wondrous creations, and just basking in all that glory. It was overwhelmingly good. And I got it from my somewhat short journey here. batanes-an-introduction-2Allow me to share this journey of mine with you. For the next few weeks, I’ll be narrating tales of the sights and the food (of course) of this small province. I do hope you’ll enjoy. Now, on to the next post. 😉


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