Saved by Midtown Inn

midtown-inn-1With a set itinerary, my buddies and I set out to have lunch at this certain restaurant. When we arrived there, we found out that it will open at a later time. UH-OH. Good thing we weren’t that hungry yet but we needed to find a place where we can dine. We decided to continue our walk along Basco, and soon stopped by this inn. And you could say that this saved our soon-to-be grumbling tummies.

midtown-inn-5midtown-inn-4midtown-inn-3Their restaurant was set to open at a later time too but good thing we were able to pre-order our dishes. The restaurant at this inn was quite spacious. It was a bit hot inside but there were enough fans to cool the place down. Since this was an inn, they sell a couple of snacks and hot drinks which one can easily purchase.

midtown-inn-2Aside from ordering solo dishes, they have group meals that’s really good for sharing. It consisted of 4 viands and 1 plate of rice.

Fish Sinigang
Fish Sinigang

midtown-inn-sinigangThis soup was okay. It had enough fish pieces, and had that good sour taste.

Cordon Bleu
Cordon Bleu

midtown-inn-chicken-cordon-bleuThe outer coat was thin enough to taste the meat and cheese inside. Good sans the sauce that came with it.

Sitaw at Kalabasa sa Gata
Sitaw at Kalabasa sa Gata

midtown-inn-kalabasa-at-sitaw-sa-gata-1And this was just okay. Some of the squash pieces were tough.

Sauteed Squid
Sauteed Squid

midtown-inn-sauteed-squid-1This group meal was supposed to have chicken adobo but unfortunately, that was unavailable. In place of that, we had their Sauteed Squid. The squid pieces had this slight pop which showed that it was fresh. The whole dish had a good base. This was my fave among the bunch.


midtown-inn-watermelon-1Not sure if this was included in the group meal but we got a whole bunch of it. It wasn’t sweet though but still a good dessert to end the whole late lunch here.

midtown-inn-6When we asked for how many people the group meal was for, the server told us that it was good for two. Those two fellas better be hungry as this was good for more than that. For a total price of PhP600, this was a steal in terms of servings. Flavorwise, it may not deliver as much but service was good. Indeed, it was good to be saved by this inn.

Midtown Inn
Abad St. cor. Lizardo St.,
Basco, Batanes


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