Koocharah and fork

koocharah-2Koocharah – also known as “kutsara” or spoon, it is a utensil that is used for eating to fully satisfy oneself

Okay, so I’m not sure on the real definition of “koocharah”. It might have a totally different meaning in Ivatan dialect. Whatever it is, there was no need to use that in this pizzeria. Forks weren’t even used for their pizza as we dined the night away in this unassuming pizza place.

koocharahkoocharah-3koocharah-4koocharah-1koocharah-6It looks like any ordinary house in Basco. If it weren’t for that signage, bar and few plastic chairs and tables, we could’ve have easily passed by this place. Al fresco dining was the set scene here. Weather was a bit cool by then.

Garlic & Cheese Pizza (P 280)
Garlic & Cheese Pizza (P 280)

koocharah-garlic-and-cheese-pizza-1There were only a few choices for their pizza which I liked. It made the decision making process easier. We opted for their Garlic & Cheese Pizza to pair with our other dish. The crust was a bit thick and served on this wooden round plate. As for the taste, it was pretty good. One could really taste the garlic bits. It blended well with the other ingredients of the dish.

Penne (P 200)
Penne (P 200)

koocharah-penneAnd this was off their menu. We just asked if there were other dishes, and the chef (who I think was also the owner) whipped this up for us. For this one, spoon and fork was required. This simple pasta dish was a tomato based one with some ground beef sprinkled with parmesan cheese. It was flavorful and paired well with our chosen pizza for that night.

koocharah-5It was nearing night time when we dined here. As the weather cooled down as the sun bid adieu for that day, it made for a good dining scene. This song was already playing in my head then. Perfect song right? This is just the kind of al fresco dining that I would go back to and have on repeat. 🙂

Kayvalugan National Road,
Basco, Batanes


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