Cooling by Paul Vana’s Canteen

paul-vanas-canteenIt was nearing lunch hour, and yes, the sun was slowly raising its temperature little by little. We had to be cooled down for we wouldn’t last our tour that day if we struggled on. Good thing this canteen was our next stop.

paul-vanas-canteen-2paul-vanas-canteen-1We wouldn’t have dined at this place if it weren’t for our tour guide. This was during our South Batan tour in Batanes where we decided to go on a tour package. Good call too as the place was quite hard to do a DIY on. The place was very simple with a few signature Ivatan items. And yes, it was very cool inside.

paul-vanas-canteen-4This time around, we got to experience legitimate Ivatan cuisine. I was really looking forward to this as no travel would be complete without tasting some local cuisine.

paul-vanas-canteen-souppaul-vanas-canteen-soup-1I would liken this to a Nilagang Baka only that they used pork as the meat. Due to the recent typhoon that hit this place, there weren’t much vegetables around; hence, the lack of the said ingredient in this soup. Still, it was a good one to energize us up.


And this was sweet. It was probably the addition of pineapples in. I’m not sure how this should taste like as I don’t recall trying it before. But I like their take on this Ilocano dish.


And this is their version of Adobo. It was described to be cooked in its own fat with just a little addition of some seasonings. Served dry, there really was no need for sauce on this one. It was good and very flavorful.


paul-vanas-canteen-venes-1Made from taro, this was my fave among the whole bunch. This had the right flavor to balance the other dishes we had. In terms of texture, it was somewhat creamy or silky. Definitely a must-have here!

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

paul-vanas-canteen-kamote-fries-1Another fave of mine (which ignited my love for sweet potato). I think this was supposed to be our dessert since it was served last. I was already full by then but I had to take a bite of this. And another. AND another. Yeah, it was really good. It had the right crisp that you can definitely still taste the sweet potato. The sugar was just sprinkled on but you could taste the natural sweetness of the root crop. The server noticed our happiness with this one that she gave us a bag full of these fries before we left. 😀

paul-vanas-canteen-3As this was part of our tour package, I wasn’t able to list down the price per dish. But in terms of serving, I bet it’s very worth. Four of us shared those dishes that we had to really try to finish them all. Plus, it’s a good way to experience Ivatan cuisine. Service here gets A+++ for me. I mean, come on. They gave us additional fries. That deserves triple pluses. 😉

Paul Vana’s Canteen
Mahatao, Batanes


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