One Saturday morning at Salcedo Market

salcedo-market-1Taking a little break here from all the Batanes posts. Yeah, there’s more to come in the coming weeks. Hihi. 😀 Before I go on with that, let me share with you a place that I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time. Yes folks, it’s time for some weekend food gazing at Salcedo Market.

salcedo-market-18salcedo-market-19This place was quite familiar to me. I used to jog here whenever I had the time. But I never got to go here on a weekend. Before, my sched didn’t permit me. Now, my work sched really doesn’t permit me to do so. Ah…the perks of being on mid-shift. Fortunately, I was on night shift one day. And that sudden shift change fell on a Friday. Lucky me for I get to go here after a hard day’s work.

salcedo-market-17There were a couple of seats if you choose to dine in. Most opt to just drop by and get their chosen goods.

salcedo-market-16salcedo-market-11salcedo-market-15salcedo-market-14salcedo-market-13salcedo-market-12salcedo-market-9salcedo-market-6salcedo-market-5salcedo-market-4salcedo-market-3salcedo-market-20salcedo-market-21salcedo-market-8salcedo-market-7Even though the place was quite small, you could find a variety of products being sold. From some good Moroccan food to lined up cacti, anyone will surely take home good treats from this market.

salcedo-marketTo be honest, I was feeling the Sandman sprinkling its magic on me at around 8am. But I braved on through. I MUST experience this. And I’m glad I did. It was invigorating somehow. Or maybe it’s the slight morning rush or how the sun slowly greeted the buyers here. It was calming in a way. Open from 7am until 2pm, this market sure is worth waking up early (or in my case, staying up late) for. 😉

Salcedo Community Market
Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City


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