Seafood heaven at The Boiling Seafood

the-boiling-seafood-9Yes, I felt that I was in absolute heaven when I dined here. The servers just kept on placing dish after dish in front of us. At one point, I got tired. But after resting for a bit, I dived back in.

the-boiling-seafood-7the-boiling-seafood-3the-boiling-seafoodthe-boiling-seafood-4the-boiling-seafood-5the-boiling-seafood-2It was a little after lunch time when we dined here. The place was quite packed with customers gearing up for their seafood dishes. One can opt to dine al fresco which is perfect for those late night drinks. I liked the big blackboards on its wall where one could easily see all their offers.

Pirate Paul's Buffalo Wings (6pcs at P295)
Pirate Paul’s Buffalo Wings (6pcs at P295)

the-boiling-seafood-pirate-pauls-buffalo-wings-1I know that’s not a seafood dish but it deserves some highlight here. The outer layer had the right crisp, and was evenly coated with the tangy sauce. The meat inside was juicy and good sans the paired sauce. To elevate its flavor, one could pour some sauce in.

Crispy Calamari (P 285)
Crispy Calamari (P 285)

Their calamari was crispy yet you could still taste the squid. The coating was thin enough to put the spotlight on the squid. It’s best eaten with the sauce that came with it.

Shrimps with Crab Fat Sauce
Shrimp in Crab Fat Sauce (P595/350 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-shrimps-in-crab-fat-1And I knew I was in for a treat when this was landed on our table. With some generous heaping of crab fat or aligue sauce, this was one sweet dish. The shrimp were cooked well. You could also tell that it was fresh. I had no trouble peeling it from its shell.

Shrimps with Cajun Sauce
Shrimp in Cajun Sauce (P595/350 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-shrimp-cajun-1This was equally good too. I liked the slight heat of the sauce on this one.

Clams in Coconut Curry Sauce
Clams in Coconut Curry Sauce (P325/400 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-clams-coconut-curry-1Their curry tasted sweet for me that I can take multiple bites of it. I do prefer some heat on my curry but this was good. It was creamy that was probably brought on by the coconut.

Mussels in Cajun Sauce
Mussels in Cajun Sauce (P325/400 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-mussels-cajun-1And this was good! I liked the spice on these mussels. Very flavorful yet retaining the taste of the clam

Crabs Garlic Overload
Crabs Garlic Overload

the-boiling-seafood-crabs-garlic-overload-1I never got to taste this but this is their version of a de-shelled crab. Yep, this is for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty. But hey, where’s the fun in that right? 😉

Crabs in Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce
Crabs in Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce (P185/100 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-crabs-sweet-chili-garlic-1And now for the main event: crabs. I’m a sucker for these crustaceans. I do enjoy the plain steamed version but I also find those with sauce in to be enjoyable. The addition of sweet chili garlic on this gave justice to the crab. The spices worked with the natural sweetness of the crustacean. Though there were tools given to de-shell it, some pieces were de-shelled already. Makes it easier to get the crab meat from its shell

Crabs Garlic Overload
Crabs Garlic Overload (P195/100 grms)

the-boiling-seafood-crabs-garlic-overload-3True to its name, this was loaded with garlic. Though I prefer the other crab dish, this was good too. Perfect to pair with just plain rice.

BBQ Hickory Baby-back Ribs (Full slab at P 995)
BBQ Hickory Baby-back Ribs (Full slab at P 995)

the-boiling-seafood-bbq-hickory-baby-back-ribs-1Yeah…there was an additional order of these ribs. And I didn’t expect that huge slab to be served to us. Placed on a bed of potato fries, I liked the tangy taste of this. The fries weren’t that crunchy as the heat from the meat diffused it but nonetheless, it still tasted good.

the-boiling-seafood-1From meat dishes to its specialty, seafood ones, this restaurant sure serves up good dishes to satisfy one’s palate. The dishes are pretty simple and straightforward. As my group and I got to talk with the co-owner here, he told us that they ensure the quality of the seafood here is top-notch. And it shows. They make sure that customers are not only satisfied but happy upon exiting this place. As for me, I wasn’t only happy. I was extremely happy to the point that I felt like I was in heaven. 😀

The Boiling Seafood
G/F Alabang Town Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Official website:


Mr. Paul Genito, who’s beside me, gladly took this photo with us.

Special shoutout to Aldous of Aldous ate the World for inviting me to this tasting event. Got to meet fellow bloggers, and enjoy the food here. Please do check out their blogs below. 🙂


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