The Beehan Buzz

beehan-3We didn’t plan this. We honestly didn’t. It was our last day. It was sort of a “chill-out-let’s-go-do-whatever-we-want” kind of day. But one of my friends saw some lobsters from the other table. Oh boy, were we unprepared for this.

beehanbeehan-2beehan-1Enclosed in this barricaded space lies this nipa hut which is actually a restaurant. It’s quite new. Our tour guide, who we bumped into while watching the sunset at Basco Lighthouses (awesome by the way!), tipped this for us. The place was little hot but good thing we got the fans directed at us.

We were just supposed to get those breakfast meals paired with fried egg. But all that went away with the serving of the crustacean below.

Lobster (P 1,000)
Lobster (P 1,000)

beehan-lobster-2beehan-lobster-3beehan-lobster-1Ah…good old lobsters! No need for any sauce on this one. It was good all on its own. And yeah, the eggs on this were pretty much intact. We got our hands dirty for this. It was so worth it.

beehan-4And that folks was our last supper at this island. An unexpected one but a great one at that. 😀

Lizardo St., Kayhuvukan,
Basco Batanes


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