Batanes: Honesty Coffee Shop

honesty-coffee-shopNo trip to Batanes will be complete without dropping by this iconic shop. As its name suggests, this policy is very much present in this place.

honesty-coffee-shop-7honesty-coffee-shop-12A few walks away from Ivana Port, many flock here to grab a quick breakfast or snack before going on their boat adventure. Before this shop was made as such, an old lady used to sell these goods near the port. She would just leave her goods and place this box where people can leave their payment. The process is still the same when the shop was built. There’s really no one to serve you as it is a self-service shop. You just have to log what you bought and insert your payment near the counter.

honesty-coffee-shop-18honesty-coffee-shop-1honesty-coffee-shop-17honesty-coffee-shop-5honesty-coffee-shop-6honesty-coffee-shop-11honesty-coffee-shop-8There are a couple of tables outside and just one inside. I like the little captions inside. There’s even a board where you could leave a note for everyone to see.

honesty-coffee-shop-19honesty-coffee-shop-20honesty-coffee-shop-4honesty-coffee-shop-2honesty-coffee-shop-3honesty-coffee-shop-10honesty-coffee-shop-13honesty-coffee-shop-14honesty-coffee-shop-15honesty-coffee-shop-16My friends and I decided to hang out here for a bit. It was getting a bit hot and staying inside was pretty cool. And then I decided to get hot coffee. Ha! Ironic right? I couldn’t say much about the coffee as it is an instant one but paired with those heart-shaped peanut cookies, it all made for one enjoyable afternoon.

honesty-coffee-shop-9This place is indeed very humbling. It has been doing well from being a small stall to the shop that it is today. Their style has even been adapted by some of the homestays in the land. The one we were staying also have a mini-honesty shop. It’s great how influential this charming store has become. Now don’t you wish every store was like this? I do. 🙂

Honesty Coffee Shop
Radiwan, Ivana, Batanes


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