The Churches of Batanes

batanes_churchesSo I don’t claim that all the churches in this post are the only churches in Batanes. These are just some of those that my friends and I went into. We saw a couple of churches that we weren’t able to take photos of. But those that we went into, it definitely felt that it held so much history and untold stories.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
It was sometime during the afternoon that our group stopped by this chapel. I never got to go in. We only stopped for a few minutes and then we were off to our next stop. For those few minutes, I admired the simple architecture of this chapel. It stayed true to the stonehouse concept. It was pretty simple too with all its white lines and green surroundings.
San Jose de Ivana Church
Another stop that we didn’t really stop for. Yep, never got to go inside. But I’m sure anyone would stop to view this. It was standing all in its great yellow glory. There’s a bit of a story on its design.batanes-church-san-jose-de-ivana-churchbatanes-church-san-jose-de-ivana-church-1

Chavayan Chapel
One of the more colorful chapels that I’ve visited to was this: Chavayan Chapel. Even its interiors matched its exterior façade. With its cogon roofing, it felt cool inside.batanes-church-chavayan-chapelbatanes-church-chavayan-chapel-1

St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel
Near a basketball court and an empty stonehouse lies this little white chapel. It just gleams that anyone who wouldn’t notice this would be a fool. Inside, there was some color to its interiors.batanes-church-st-thomas-aquinas-chapelbatanes-church-st-thomas-aquinas-chapel-1batanes-church-st-thomas-aquinas-chapel-2

San Carlos Borromeo Church
Upon entering this church, it somehow felt like I was in one of the churches in Manila. It gave that feel to me though when I looked up, I knew I was still in Batanes. With its cogon roofing against the white canvas, this was truly a beautiful church. It even has a mini-version outside. It’s actually a replica with some stonehouses added in. On the side of the church is the Batanes Blank Book Archive where hundreds of blank books are kept. One can leave a message in any of the books there. Just choose your number. And yeah, it’s free. 🙂batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-11batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-5batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-4batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-churchbatanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-1batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-3batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-2batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-9batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-10batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-6batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-7batanes-church-san-carlos-borromeo-church-8

Mt. Carmel Chapel
Probably one of the famous chapels here, this is the most accessible especially if you’re staying in Basco. It’s just a tricycle ride away. There’s something romantic in its design that it makes one feel cozy and at peace. I especially like its doors and its arch.


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