The Beaches of Batanes

batanes_beachesAh…the feel of the cool water on your feet and the sound of the waves gently splashing on the shore. Yes, this could very well be what anyone would deem “the island life”. Never knew how much I missed going to the beach until I set foot on the beaches here. That time, I really wanted to dive in even with the clothes that I had on. BUT, I practiced a little self-restraint there. Dipping my feet on its sand was enough.

We were only able to go to three beaches here, namely, Valugan Boulder Beach, Maidangub Beach and Nakabuang Beach (Morong Beach). Hope my photos below did justice to their natural raw beauty.

Valugan Boulder Beach
As soon as I faintly heard the crashing waves, my heart beat faster by the second. I was getting giddy as this was our first stop during our North Batan Tour. And then, this beach came into full picture. It was beautiful. Breathtakingly gorgeous. I could very well sit on one of those rocks and stare into the vast ocean. After taking in so much beauty, there was the problem now of going near the shore. And let me tell you, it was hard! The rocks were big. I feared for my ankles as one wrong step could get me a sprain. One has to really be careful in stepping from one rock to another. Each careful step will lead you to its cool crashing waves that might hit you on your face. Or some area of your skin. Like what happened to me in the video below 😀batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-1batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-3batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beachbatanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-5batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-4batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-2batanes-beach-valugan-boulder-beach-6

Maidangub Beach
Imagine stopping your car in the middle of nowhere, entering a somewhat jungle-like walk and feasting your eyes on a clear rocky beach. Yep, this was like that for me. It was one of those stops where you’d want to spread out a blanket on the sand and just chill. Hold a picnic and stay there until the sun bades goodbye. There was actually a group there who did have a picnic of sort. They were having their lunch and even invited us to eat. Yes, people there are that friendly! And oh, we got to see some hermit crabs. They were…friendly too I guess. Haha.batanes-beach-maidangub-beachbatanes-beach-maidangub-beach-1batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-2batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-3batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-5batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-7batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-6batanes-beach-maidangub-beach-4

Nakabuang Beach (Morong Beach)
Famous for its arch, this beach is definitely one of those peculiar places that I’ve been to. There’s this stretch of rock formations with some of the saltwater in between. As you go farther, the level gets deeper. There seems to be a natural borderline that once you cross it, you finally get a chance to really swim. OR you could just lay in one of the pocketed areas like what that guy did in one of the photos. It all has to do with the rawness of this beach. They retained its rocky coral formations. Untouched that makes it all the more enchantingly beautiful. I was able to take some steps. I had to be careful too so as not to scar my feet or legs. Some of the corals were soft while some were hard. As much as I would have wanted to dip my feet longer, I preferred staying under that arch. It was cool under it. I actually laid out my scarf and lied down for a bit. It almost lulled me to sleep. Don’t know if the day’s trip was a factor but I found it simply soothing. Just laying on the sand, staring at the bright clear sky and hearing the waves in the background. Yep, I could have stayed in that position for hours. 😀batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beachbatanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-3batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-7batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-5batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-8batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-6batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-1batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-2batanes-beach-morong-nakabuang-beach-4


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