The Lighthouses of Batanes

batanes_lighthousesI don’t recall seeing an actual lighthouse before. Only photos on the internet or those little scenes in movies. And heading here, I knew that I would not be only seeing one but even get to go up one. Yes, you could just imagine the excitement building up inside of me.

Sabtang Lighthouse
We needed to go back to Sabtang Port to catch the boat. So we weren’t able to actually visit this place. Our tour guide/tricycle drivers did go around this spot that has a good view of this lighthouse. Situated near the cliff, I bet that you could feel the cool wind coming from the ocean.batanes-lighthouse-sabtang-lighthouse

Basco Lighthouse
Probably one of the most flocked lighthouses among the three, it’s a quick tricycle ride from the mainland. During our first time here, we were supposed to watch the sunset. But we were too early. We did get to go here the 2nd time around and yes, got to finally see the sun set. The experience of watching it here was breathtaking. I got to go inside this lighthouse. The flight of steps tired me a little but all of it went away when I saw the view atop. The wind was so strong that it pushed my hair in different directions. Since this was near Naidi Hills, one could get a good view of the green fields. batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-5batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-4batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-6batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-7batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-3batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-2batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse-1batanes-lighthouse-basco-lighthouse

Tayid Lighthouse
And this is my fave among the three. Probably because there was less people and my friends and I got to do multiple profile-pic-worthy photos. This was on our South Batan Tour. Though we never got to go inside it, the view alone of this lighthouse against its raw background was enough. Its design is pretty romantic with the few flowerbeds and rustic features. With the cloudy sky, bright blue sea and green grass, it was the perfect type of weather to visit this lovely lighthouse in Mahatao, Batanes.batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-1batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-4batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-10batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-5batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-8batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-6batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-7batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-11batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-13batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-12batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-3batanes-lighthouse-tayid-lighthouse-9


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