The Hills of Batanes

batanes_hillsAnd I was looking for that Sound of Music moment here. I really was. I was tempted to stretch my arms wide and circle around in those green fields. But my fear of falling flat on my face got a hold on me. Besides, trekking up those hills gave my heart some serious beating that I just wanted to lay on the grass after. It really takes one’s tireness away once you’re there. And as my beating heart turned to its normal rhythm, I just basked in all this nature glory. Yes, the hills of Batanes are very much alive with color, cool wind and astounding views.

Vayang Ranch (Rolling Hills)
Probably one of the easiest to go to, we went to the edge of it near the unbarricaded fence. That spot provides a perfect view of the hill overlooking the ocean. It also gives you a good view of Mount Iraya. You better hold on to your hats on this one as the wind can get pretty strong. We rested here for a bit as even though the wind was strong, it had this calming and lulling effect.batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-1batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-2batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-6batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-3batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-4batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-7batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-5batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-8batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-9batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-10batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-12batanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hillsbatanes-hills-vayang-ranch-rolling-hills-11
Alapad Hills
Also known as Dawn Zulueta Hills all thanks to this scene, my friends and I wondered how they shot that one on this hill. Imagine the video gear then and this setting. The hill was a bit steep. And Dawn Zulueta had to run to Richard Gomez for that. Kudos to both of them! It truly made a mark until today. None of that act happened that day. We did enjoy the view up here. Just sitting down and watching the waves crash relaxed me. And oh, I made a goat sing. But more on that later. 😉   batanes-hills-alapad-hills-2batanes-hills-alapad-hills-1batanes-hills-alapad-hills-3batanes-hills-alapad-hillsbatanes-hills-alapad-hills-5batanes-hills-alapad-hills-4batanes-hills-alapad-hills-6
Racuh-a-Payaman Hills (Marlboro Hills)
Good thing this was our last stop for the day as the battery of my camera died on me. I still got to capture awesome views with my phone. I had to. The view was awesome. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME. 😀 No wonder it was deemed as Marlboro Hills. You could easily place a horse and a cowboy, and have this as your background. Our tour guide though preferred to labeling this as the Windows XP default wallpaper. Whatever one would label this, it was just nice to stroll this hill barefoot and stay for an hour or two. We went to the edge and just laid on the grass. If I had closed my eyes then, I knew that the starry night sky would greet me. Yeah, that’s how relaxed I was! 😀   batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hillsbatanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-10batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-9batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-5batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-7batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-1batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-6batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-2batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-3batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-4batanes-hills-racuh-a-payaman-marlboro-hills-8
Chamantad Viewpoint
Unlike the others hills we went to, this one was edged with multiple rocks placed here and there. And I find the trek much harder too even though there was a clear path as to where one should step onto. But I didn’t mind all that as this provided us with glorious views of the clear ocean and its multi-hued shore. So much natural and raw beauty that my photos probably didn’t give it justice (but I’m hoping that it did). I must say that this probably has to be my fave among the bunch. It was a mix of green, gray and blue. A lot of hard edges that complement the soft exterior. Once you’ve had a fill of its breathtaking views, you could even get some free tea after. Naturally brewed, it was one refreshing hot drink. batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpointbatanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-16batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-17batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-15batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-14batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-13batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-12batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-11batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-9batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-8batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-7batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-6batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-4batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-3batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-2batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-1batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-5batanes-hills-chamantad-viewpoint-10

And as promised…

Disclaimer: That animal wasn’t harmed in the making of this video. It did, on its own, sung on its own free will. And yeah, I love goats and would never dare hurt them. 🙂


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