Batanes: North Batan

north-batanOn top of all the churches, beaches, lighthouses and hills that we went to, there are other sights to see in this small island. Surprising eh? Ah…I just feel that there’s so much to see here. And we’ve only traversed those well-visited spots. 😉

On the day of our arrival, we decided to rest for a bit. Once we regained our energy, we then started our half-day tour of North Batan. We did a do-it-your-own itinerary for this. Hiring a tricycyle, we soon found out that they already have set itineraries similar to ours. Lucky us! They’re probably used to tourists going to the area and requesting for a tour that they made an itinerary. At a set price of PhP1,000.00 (good for two persons in one tricycle), we set out on our North Batan Tour.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
A typhoon recently hit this place that the tracks in the tunnel got flooded. And I was looking forward to walking that semi-dark tunnel. We just then visited the entrance/exit points of this one.north-batan-dipnaysupuan-japanese-tunnel-1north-batan-dipnaysupuan-japanese-tunnelnorth-batan-dipnaysupuan-japanese-tunnel-4north-batan-dipnaysupuan-japanese-tunnel-3north-batan-dipnaysupuan-japanese-tunnel-2

Fundacion Pacita
On our first trip here, we just got a view of its stand and the hotel from afar. It is a private property and intended for guests staying at this place. We did, however, got to go here during our lunch at Café du Tukon. So we got to somehow tour around the area (there were still restricted portions). If you want to drop by here, you could opt to have this as your last stop and have dinner at the café. Just make sure to make a reservation beforehand.north-batan-fundacion-pacita-9north-batan-fundacion-pacitanorth-batan-fundacion-pacita-8north-batan-fundacion-pacita-7north-batan-fundacion-pacita-1north-batan-fundacion-pacita-5north-batan-fundacion-pacita-2north-batan-fundacion-pacita-3north-batan-fundacion-pacita-4north-batan-fundacion-pacita-6

Tukon Radar Station/PAGASA Weather Station
This was one interesting and educational stop for us. We got toured around the instruments used for tracking the weather. Though their names escape my mind, my fave instrument has got to be that glass ball. I wanted to have one at my home. No kidding! 😀  north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-stationnorth-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-3north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-1north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-8north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-7north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-11north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-12north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-2north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-4north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-6north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-10north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-5north-batan-tukon-radar-station-pagasa-weather-station-9

So here’s the full itinerary of our North Batan trip! This is good to tour on a half-day. It may seem packed but you could really take your own sweet time at every stop. Be sure to catch the sunset at Basco Lighthouse! 😉  north-batan-itineraryCheck out the other sights on the posts below. 🙂


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