Batanes: South Batan

south-batanAnd this tour of this side called for a tour guide! Haha. Well, a do-it-your-own type would still work. But we opted to hiring a tour guide for this one which in the end, was a good choice. The stops were quite far from one another so sitting on a tricycle on the whole trip would be a little uncomfortable. For a total price of PhP10,000 (PhP2,500 for 4 persons), you would be riding a van, eating Ivatan cuisine, and having a very entertaining tour guide that would explain the history (and stories in between) of each stop. And you also get him/her as your photographer. Ours was very excited to take photos of us and even directed our poses. It was just the four of us so yeah, we did get our money’s worth for this. 😀

Paderes Viewpoint
And our first stop was on the middle of the road. Not really but kind of. According to Art, our tour guide, the “blow ur horn” sign was built during the American regime. Since the roads here have very sharp turns, they decided to place those signs in order to warn incoming vehicles. It is one of the trademarks here in Batanes that this is even imprinted on some of the t-shirts that they sell here. Aside from that sign, you not only get to view the terrain but the vast sea as well.
Chawa View Deck
Before descending down those steps, one of the tourists (who wasn’t in our group) alighted from there and seemed so tired. And I wondered why that was so. Going down was easy. One must still be careful as the steps towards the end slowly mesh with the rock formations. The view and feel of the gentle waves was calming. One even gets to have a glimpse of the cave. After taking multiple photos, it was now time to go up. Did I ever mention how athletic I am that I run 5km everyday? No. Because I’m not. And it showed while heading up. I had to rest and catch my breath in between steps. So if you’re “fit” like me, enjoy every moment at the bottom ‘coz heading back will surely take your breath away.south-batan-chawa-viewdecksouth-batan-chawa-viewdeck-1south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-3south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-11south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-8south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-4south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-6south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-5south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-7south-batan-chawa-viewdeck-2
Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
On this shelter, a new lighthouse was being built. Probably to guide the boats coming in here. It does only house a few boats.south-batan-mahatao-boat-shelter-portsouth-batan-mahatao-boat-shelter-port-1south-batan-mahatao-boat-shelter-port-2

House of Dakay
This is one of the oldest houses in Ivana. Amazing how this was preserved well. Imagine the typhoons that go here and this (along with other stone houses) still stands! It was very cool inside. Better than beating the heat with a refreshing drink. And yeah, I got to do multiple photo ops on this one. With myself in it. Haha 😛   south-batan-house-of-dakay-2south-batan-house-of-dakay-3south-batan-house-of-dakaysouth-batan-house-of-dakay-1
Songsong Ruins
We only got to view this from afar. There was this huge wave that hit that area long time ago. Fortunately, no one got hurt as residents there were relocated before the wave hit. It didn’t get rebuilt in anyway but the structure itself still stands. south-batan-songsong-ruins
Shown below is the full itinerary of our tour. Please note that the price mentioned above was for a private tour. So if you opt to be with other groups, that price will be lowered. BISUMI Tour & Services also offer tours to other places in Batanes. They also have varying prices for each so please do check their website HERE. 🙂  south-batan-itinerary

Check out the other sights on the posts below. 🙂


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