Batanes: Sabtang

sabtangAnd this was another DIY tour for my buddies and I! It was just a half-day tour here as we didn’t stay in for the night. Though if you want to fully explore this side, renting a homestay would suffice.

Faluwa Ride
Yes, I have to document this. Haha. There are only a few boats along with a limited schedule for each. It is recommended that you have someone at the place you’re staying call in for your ticket. If not, you could still catch a couple of seats if you’re early. We got lucky that time and got good seats. Once we’ve strapped in our life vests, it was time for the faluwa ride. I’ve been to a couple of boat rides, and this one has got to be the most memorable. Or maybe my lack of breakfast was a factor. Hehe. The waves were just kind of wild that morning. I felt some of the saltwater splash on my face and my camera (hence, the blurry yet beautiful photo down below). That ride lasted for about an hour. I survived! Haha. Oh, and I also have to note how they steer that thing. They use their feet. 🙂  sabtang-faluwa-ridesabtang-faluwa-ride-2sabtang-faluwa-ride-1sabtang-faluwa-ride-3

Savidug Village

And our first stop was this village that still retains the trademarked stone houses of Batanes. Compared to Basco, almost all of the houses here are still built with those limestone, coral and cogon roofing. We were able to visit one of the chapels here, namely, St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, which was near this empty stone house. If you’re a fan of Yeng Constantino and watched this music video, then you’d know that this is where they shot that adorable scene with one of the stone houses. My friend and I did a few fun shots of our own. It was just one of those photo ops that you would not want to miss. 🙂  sabtang-savidug-village-1sabtang-savidug-village-2sabtang-savidug-village-3sabtang-savidug-villagesabtang-savidug-village-4sabtang-savidug-village-5sabtang-savidug-village-6sabtang-savidug-village-7
Quick stopover
During our ride to our next stop, our tricycle driver/tour guide pointed out these plants that filled one of the places there. Though its name escapes me, it’s one of those crops that you can simply grab and instantly taste. We did a quick stopover as he showed as what it looked like. He had us tried it and it was good. I would liken it to the taste of grated mung beans. And this is free! You could just pluck it out from that plant in case you’re hungry along the way. 😉  sabtangsabtang-1

Chavayan Village
Another village filled with stone houses. This time, we got to witness how those abaca gears were made. My friend tried it but based from her experience, I think it was hard. Haha. We also got to visit one of the stone houses here (it was very cool inside that I wanted to sleep in) and the Chavayan Chapel.sabtang-chavayan-villagesabtang-chavayan-village-1

We never got to visit other sights here but it is advisable to stay in if you want to have a complete Sabtang tour. Our rent of the tricycle for half of the day cost PhP800.00 which is good for two persons. Below is the itinerary of our half-day trip there. 🙂  sabtang-itineraryCheck out the other sights on the posts below. 🙂


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