500 Days of Magnum Manila Cafe

magnum-manila-cafe-6Not really sure on the days but this pop-up shop is closing soon. July 26 I think to be exact. So it was no wonder why the line was long that time if you choose to dine in. For those who just want to create their own Magnum, there’s a separate line for that. Of course, dining in was the option for that night. And as soon as our table was ours for the taking, it was now time for some Magnum chocolate pleasure. 🙂

magnum-manila-cafemagnum-manila-cafe-2magnum-manila-cafe-3magnum-manila-cafe-7magnum-manila-cafe-11magnum-manila-cafe-9magnum-manila-cafe-8magnum-manila-cafe-10magnum-manila-cafe-5While waiting, one could view up close some of the wild Magnum creations. Imagine that ice cream with multiple chocolate pretzels sticking out or even a leaf on top. It still looked very luxurious that made the waiting time interesting. Inside, the place was divided into two sections: the create your own Magnum bar and the main dining section. For the former, once you’ve selected all that you want on your ice cream, there’s a small section where you could enjoy your creation. As for the dining section, interiors were consistent with the branding: very grand in its brown and golden details.

Red Velvet (P 280)
Red Velvet (P 280)

magnum-manila-cafe-red-velvet-3magnum-manila-cafe-red-velvet-2magnum-manila-cafe-red-velvet-4magnum-manila-cafe-red-velvet-1I really wanted to try their savory dishes that time but my family and I was so full from the late lunch we had. So it was just desserts at this place which when you think about it, this is the perfect place to have just that. We were first served with the Red Velvet dessert which was just lovely. Just look at that plating with all the sprinkled ingredients in between! I would liken it to a painting (naks…) that I would hang on my wall. OR I could just really eat it all up. In terms of taste, it was surprisingly not that sweet. I kept on thinking that eating the desserts here would hit my tonsils hard. The cake was quite moist that blended well with the sweetness of the Magnum ice cream. I liked the bits of pistachios and cream cheese.

Triple Belgian Chocolate Cookie Skillet (P 320)
Triple Belgian Chocolate Cookie Skillet (P 320)

magnum-manila-cafe-triple-belgian-chocolate-cookie-skillet-1magnum-manila-cafe-triple-belgian-chocolate-cookie-skillet-2magnum-manila-cafe-triple-belgian-chocolate-cookie-skillet-3magnum-manila-cafe-triple-belgian-chocolate-cookie-skillet-4And I was looking forward to this: Triple Belgian Chocolate Cookie Skillet. I mean, it’s a cookie and a big one at that! I think my hand could fit that skillet so this is really good for sharing. The cookie was still warm that blending it with the ice cream was just pure heaven. I was expecting this to be sweet too but it wasn’t. Its sweetness level was just right even with the ice cream on. Atop the ice cream bars were some hard cookies which sadly, was too sweet for me. Took one bite and immediately placed it aside. This was still a top-notch dessert. No wonder it had its very own page in the menu once you reach the desserts part!

Brewed Coffee (P 95)
Brewed Coffee (P 95)


Latte (P 110)
Latte (P 110)

And that called for some good coffee. Both my parents had brewed coffee while I opted for their Latte. According to them, the brewed coffee had this strong acidity that one only needed to add sugar in. As for their latte, it was quite good and frothy too.

magnum-manila-cafe-1At this point, I really want to say “I’ll be back for more of their treats!” but NO. Since this was only a pop-up store, this was my first and last experience of the Magnum chocolate pleasure. I’ll still experience that with their ice cream bars but the concocted desserts were really something. For those who haven’t tried this one out yet, hurry! Indulge in their savory dishes and sweet treats or drop by to create your own Magnum. 🙂

Magnum Manila Cafe
5/F SM Aura Premier,
C5 cor. 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Official website: http://www.magnum.com.ph/magnummanila/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagnumPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/magnum_ph
Instagram: https://instagram.com/magnum_ph/



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  1. Glad you were able to dine before it closed for good 🙂

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