Moving to the Dicofi side

dicofi-5Some strong coffee was needed for that night. A strong and a cold one at that! I was then reminded of my first Vietnamese coffee sip that was indeed strong. But the options to have that during weekdays was close to nil. Good thing this hole-in-the-wall place popped up. Time to move to this side of coffee.

dicofi-1dicofi-4dicofi-2dicofi-3dicofiIt’s really just a small shop with few seats inside. Their air conditioning system wasn’t at its full blast so one could really feel the Vietnam heat that time. Even though the place was small, I find it charming with its wooden chairs and tables, and little decors in between. It felt very raw and cozy that I didn’t mind the heat.

Banh Mi - Vietnamese Baguette (P 95)
Banh Mi – Vietnamese Baguette (P 95)

dicofi-banh-mi-1dicofi-banh-mi-2Though their menu mainly consists of coffee and fruit shakes, they have a couple of dishes that one could dine in. I tried their Bánh Mì which is a common street food in Vietnam. This one had fried eggs, ham, cucumber, pork floss, pâté and hot sauce in a Vietnamese Baguette. Though I had a hard time eating that baguette, I found the sandwich very filling. It had this bite at the start but it soon went away towards the middle. I would’ve liked that the heat be evenly distributed but nonetheless, it was one good and filling snack.

Vietnamese Pizza (P 85)
Vietnamese Pizza (P 85)

dicofi-vietnamese-pizza-1I was really curious as to what a Vietnamese Pizza is so my colleagues and I shared this pie. It was very thin as the base is just rice paper. It was topped with ground pork, chicken, egg, shrimp and pork floss. The final touch to this was the drizzled hot sauce. And this one was spicy! But I liked every bite of my share though I could hardly taste the shrimp in it. To make it more filling, one could add cheese or ham for only PhP10.

Savory Sticky Rice (P 110)
Savory Sticky Rice (P 110)

dicofi-savory-sticky-rice-1I was only able to take a bite of this and I must say, it was indeed savory! This had pâté, pork floss, chicken, ground pork and sausage. Good for lunch or dinner

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (P 95)
Vietnamese Iced Coffee (P 95)

dicofi-vietnamese-iced-coffee-1To be honest, the dishes were just starters for me. I really came here for the coffee which I got. And wow, was that some strong coffee! Good and strong! You could really taste the strong acidity yet feel the sweet rush of the condensed milk. It was a good iced blend. Just what I needed for that night. 😀

dicofi-6Service was a bit slow being that they are new in town. It took a while for our dishes to be prepared. Some were even unavailable. But they are working on that area. Still, I really have to highlight the coffee here which was just refreshing amidst all the third wave coffee shops around. Their blend stays true to what a Vietnamese coffee should be. Plus, it’s very affordable.

So if you need to be on a caffeine high or craving for some Vietnamese snacks, move over to this side. 😉

Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


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