Dining at the Mesa

mesaDining at this place, either for lunch or dinner, is always a good idea. Serving up good modern Filipino cuisine, one can always be satisfied with the dishes that they offer here.

mesa-2mesa-1This is another go-to place for my family to dine in whenever we want good Filipino food. Their take on the said cuisine is good. Being that they have been at this mall for years (and doing well) is a testament to their food. The inside of the resto is a bit small but they do have a bigger area if you dine al fresco. Normally packed during lunch or dinner hour, one could get a better seating come afternoon or during its lull hours.

Pasta Adobo (P 155)
Pasta Adobo (P 155)

mesa-pasta-adobo-1This pasta was served first which was a bit overwhelming for me. Though it may look like it doesn’t have any sauce at all, one bite of this and you would instantly feel the adobo flavor. Too much though that I forgot the pasta! I would’ve liked for the flavor to be toned down so as to not overpower the whole dish.

Laing Fried Rice (P 165)
Laing Fried Rice (P 165)

This rice was just okay. It was a bit on the oily side but that was probably because of the coconut from the laing (which was dry by the way). I was only able to taste hints of the laing which I think was just right. One could still pair this rice with other dishes.

Baby Squid in Olive Oil
Baby Squid in Olive Oil (P 310)

mesa-baby-squid-in-olive-oil-1My absolute fave here at Mesa: Baby Squid in Olive Oil! 😀 I was a little wary if this was still available since this is one of their bestsellers. Good thing it was as I really missed munching on this. This dish is pretty simple that was just sauteed in olive oil with some garlic and laurel leaves in between. These simple additions made this simple yet very high on flavor. Good as an appetizer or having with some warm rice.

Chicken BBQ in Honey Patis (P 165)
Chicken BBQ in Honey Patis (P 165)

mesa-chicken-bbq-in-honey-patis-1My new fave here: Chicken BBQ in Honey Patis. 😀 It was our first time ordering this and couldn’t believe why we only had this now. The chicken meat was so tender that the flavor infused inside. It was a good balance of the tangy bbq marinade and honey patis. Probably best to have this with some garlic rice

Pinaputok (P 310)
Pinaputok (P 310)

mesa-pinaputokThis took some time to prepare due to its cooking process but it was well worth the wait. The fish meat was so tender that it could just melt in your mouth. This was another simple dish that only a few ingredients were added to highlight the main addition.

mesa-3As people started to frolic the place (my family dined late in the afternoon), our tummies were indeed filled with good modern Filipino food. The service was a bit slow considering that there were only a few diners that time. Still, this is a good choice for family gatherings or catch up with your barkada. Food is affordable and a must to share. Dining at this table will definitely merit you some good memories may it be with your family or barkada.

G/F Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Official website: http://mesa.ph/main/3000/index6746.html?pageid=100980
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MesaPH
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mesaphilippines
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mesafilipinomoderne/


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