Farmacy: The Cure to Ice Cream Sepanx

farmacy-1Feeling a little sad? Well, let this ice cream joint cure you. I’m sure that with every bite of their ice cream concoctions, it’ll surely put a smile on anyone’s downcast face. 🙂

farmacy-3farmacy-4farmacy-5farmacy-2The place was quite small inside as they have more seats outside. The set-up really was old-fashioned with bar stools and that prescriptions label against the wooden fixture. They do have a couple of dishes and drinks but the main highlight really are their ice cream concoctions.

Dusty Road Sundae (P 280)
Dusty Road Sundae (P 280)

farmacy-dusty-road-sundae-3farmacy-dusty-road-sundae-2farmacy-dusty-road-sundae-4farmacy-dusty-road-sundae-1I was torn between choosing two different sundaes but I ended up choosing this: Dusty Road. It was a mix of peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with malted milk powder, Valrhona crunchy pearls and whipped cream all served in a waffle cone. To make this creation pretty, a cherry was placed on the very top. I couldn’t help but take multiple photos before the ice cream melts. It really was such a lovely sight to behold. As for its taste, it equaled how it was presented. The ice cream was very smooth and wasn’t that sweet. Those three scoops got me taking one bite after the other. True to the flavor of each ice cream, it tasted very much of its labeled flavor. After somehow getting to the middle of my dessert/snack, I crushed the waffle that added crunch to it. Very nicely done Farmacy 😀

Pick Me Up Sundae (P 280)
Pick Me Up Sundae (P 280)

farmacy-pick-me-up-sundae-1farmacy-pick-me-up-sundae-2This was the other sundae that I was pondering on choosing but luckily, my friend had this. And yes, she let me taste it! Same as with my sundae, the ice cream scoops were very smooth. And the whole thing was pretty good.

farmacyWe weren’t exactly sad when we got here. I was actually excited to try the ice cream as I’ve been eyeing on it ever since it was open. So after that sundae, I was all the more happy and filled with energy. Yeah, and I call that “the sugar ice cream rush”. In case you’re not feeling their sundae much (as those are a bit expensive), one could create his/her own creation. You could even go try their floats or go solo on just one ice cream scoop. Needless to say, this will definitely cure one’s ice cream sepanx. 😉

Farmacy Ice Cream & Soda Fountain
G/F Netlima Building, 4th Avenue cor. 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


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