The Golden Gates of Butamaru

butamaruSoooo there were really no golden gates on this one. But its entrance shone golden that one would be enthralled to open its doors and check what they have to offer. Maybe it was the ambiance of the night that made it shone but is the hue true for its ramen offers?

butamaru-11butamaru-6butamaru-8butamaru-9butamaru-7butamaru-4butamaru-3butamaru-5butamaru-1butamaru-2butamaru-10The setting on its first floor was more of an eat-and-run set-up. One could just sit down on the bar side either facing the window or the collaged black & white photo of Japan. They do have a 2nd floor that has more of a casual feel where you can dine and have a good time either with family or friends. I do find the ceiling to be low so I do prefer dining at the1st floor. 

Curry Gyoza (P 150)
Curry Gyoza (P 150)

butamaru-curry-gyoza-1When I saw this on their menu, I got curious and hence, ordered it. It had a darker hue compared to the regular gyoza. Upon first bite, I missed the regular version. It did taste very much of curry but I guess too much of it was in it. Dipping it in soy sauce didn’t really affect its taste. It’s somehow good but I still like the good old gyoza.

Shio Ramen (P 300)
Shio Ramen (P 300)

butamaru-shio-1butamaru-shio-3butamaru-shio-2I had to go basic on this one with the ramen noodles set on their main soup base. The consistency was a bit watery but solid on taste. I did like the broth though it was a little salty towards the end. The noodles were a bit on the hard side which I liked. As for the chasyu, was I in a treat for that one! It was indeed a melt-in-your-mouth experience. I didn’t mind the fat! The pork was so tender that it did fall off everytime I took a piece from that round meat. I also liked how beautifully charred it was.

Shoyu Ramen (P 320)
Shoyu Ramen (P 320)

butamaru-shoyu-1butamaru-shoyu-2My dad, who was my ramen buddy for that night, opted for their soy sauce based tonkotsu. It had more flavor and character than my chosen ramen. According to him, his chasyu bits had more fat than what I had.

butamaru-12Though this is near to a ramen place that nothing can simply compare to, I wouldn’t mind dropping by here to experience that chasyu roundness. I did enjoy my bowl here and would say that my experience was halfway through golden. Their menu was pretty straightforward with a couple of dishes you could pair with your ramen. Service was good and fast too. If you’re around this area, this is one perfect spot to have your ramen fix on a rainy night.

Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Official website:


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