On air with Mr. Pizza

mr-pizza-2And a hello to you too Mr. Pizza! 😀 It was really time to tune in to a different pizza beat. With all the different crusts and pizza creations that one could choose at this resto, it was now time to go on air with Mr. Pizza.

mr-pizza-3mr-pizza-4mr-pizza-5mr-pizza-6mr-pizza-7As soon as one enters this place, you will be greeted with the servers saying “on air!”. That just means that they’re all geared up and ready to serve you and your pizza needs. The place was quite lively with the multiple tv screens showcasing Korean artists. If you’re curious how you’re pizza is being made, you can check it out in the middle. Their claim to their pizza creations is at 300%: 100% hand kneaded, 100% full-hearted topping and 100% grill baked. With those qualifications, one is sure to be in for a real pizza treat. 😉

Mr. Chicken (P 230)
Mr. Chicken (P 230)

mr-pizza-mr-chicken-1We had their Mr. Chicken as a side dish. It’s soy-based chicken that was slightly sweet. The chicken was a little tough but still good to munch on.

Oven Cheese Seafood and Kimchi Spaghetti
Oven Cheese Seafood and Kimchi Spaghetti

mr-pizza-oven-cheese-seafood-and-kimchi-spaghetti-1Kimchi in your spaghetti? Yup, they made it possible. It was spicy so better have a drink on your aid when you order this. The spaghetti wasn’t al dente but the whole dish was enjoyable.

Seafood Island 2 Pizza Gold Crust (P 900)
Seafood Island 2 Pizza Gold Crust (P 900)

mr-pizza-seafood-island-2-pizza-gold-crust-1mr-pizza-seafood-island-2-pizza-gold-crust-2We waited quite a bit for this but it was no wonder why. Just look at it! It does stay true to their 300% principle. Each topping looked like it was placed full-hearted and with much care in the pizza. I know that pizza is known for having big calories so this one doesn’t seem like so since it was grill baked. It wasn’t oily at all that you wouldn’t mind taking another slice (and another). It was a little sweet and indeed, very yummy. For the crust, I had to go with gold crust where you have the crust filled with sweet potato. And boy was that good! Once I got a bite of it, I saved that part as my sort of dessert. 😛 Aside from gold crust, one could also choose the original, egg tart, cheddarella, cream cheese and mocha bun. Another crust will be coming soon which is cheese cap. Whatever crust you’ll have, I’m sure it will still taste pretty good.

mr-pizzamr-pizza-1As we were nearing the end of the playlist err…I mean pizza, our tummies were full from all that pizza goodness. I liked how inventive they were in the choices with even having bulgogi or sweet type of pizza. In terms of service, the servers are just the happiest compared to other restos. Ours was really pleasant and respectful. And they always had their smiles on their faces which stays true to their “on air” concept. Great for barkadas or casual family dinners, it’s nice to tune in to and go on air at this new pizza joint.

Mr. Pizza
G/F Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrpizzaph


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