Let’s Rocci this town!

rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-1I’ve been working in Makati ever since I graduated. Never got to try working in other cities just because of the distance and work itself. Though I haven’t fully explored this city to its fullest, it astounds me that this café has been here for six years already! I mean, their specialty is chocolate and I’m a sucker for that treat. All thanks to my badminton game that day, I made a quick stopover at this chocolate café.

rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-2rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-3rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-4rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-5rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-6rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-8rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-7Near The Zone along Malugay Street, this little café was pretty neat. The red details and little trinkets really pop out from its white canvass. There were only a few seats inside which makes it a cozy place to hang out after work or a good game.

Baked Cheesecake (P 128)
Baked Cheesecake (P 128)

rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-baked-cheesecake-1rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-baked-cheesecake-2Considered as their bestseller, it’s no wonder it is as this cheesecake was good. Its consistency was a little dense that you could really taste the cheese. I especially liked the end part just because of the Belgian chocolate ganache. It was very rich yet not to the point that it overpowers the cheesecake. The mix was quite good.

Frozen Caffe Mocha (P 168)
Frozen Caffe Mocha (P 168)

rocci-coffee-and-chocolate-frozen-caffe-mocha-1I decided to pair my slice with one of their frozen coffee concoctions. It was really hot that afternoon so yes, this definitely beat the heat. The drink was blended well that I was able to taste the hints of coffee and chocolate there (more of the chocolate really).

rocci-coffee-and-chocolateAs I munched on my cake and drank my frozen drink, it was nice to spend some quiet time at this café. I was the only customer that time so I really got to cool down and be alone with my thoughts. For some alone time or a post-workout treat this place is definitely a good one to go to.

Rocci Chocolate Kitchen
The Zone, 7224 Malugay Street,
Bel-Air, Makati City
Official website: http://roccicoffee.wix.com/chocolate
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocci-Chocolate-Kitchen/290778367166


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