Finally tasting Rita’s Italian Ice!

ritas-italian-ice-2After months of this being open, I finally got to try this one out! I really wanted to see what’s the buzz about this ice. Sure, there are lots of flavored ice in town but I also wanted to taste the frozen custard. So when I was on this side, I grabbed the opportunity to taste Rita’s Italian Ice. 🙂

ritas-italian-ice-1ritas-italian-ice-6ritas-italian-ice-5ritas-italian-ice-4ritas-italian-ice-3ritas-italian-ice-7ritas-italian-ice-8Since this has been open for a long while now, I didn’t expect the line to be long. Boy was I wrong! I wasn’t able to time myself but it took sometime before I got my sweet servings. The place is quite small with a few seats inside. But better to have their treats on the go as I wouldn’t want to stay inside that packed place. They do have seats outside and in their café but the ones outside, it doesn’t get cleaned much.

Gelati (Regular size @ P 130)
Gelati (Regular size @ P 130)

ritas-italian-ice-mango-vanilla-gelatiI had to go basic and try something that was fruity. They claim to use real fruits in their ice that’s made fresh daily. Opting for one of their bestsellers, that Mango Ice with Vanilla Frozen Custard Gelati was GOOD. The ice did taste much like the fruit. It wasn’t too sweet. It paired well with the vanilla custard that was really creamy. I thought that the only custard was the one on top but I got a nice surprise one I was near the bottom of my cup. There were some frozen custard at the bottom too. It made for one balanced treat. 😀

Sundae (Large size @ P 195)
Sundae (Large size @ P 195)

ritas-italian-ice-sundae-1ritas-italian-ice-sundae-3ritas-italian-ice-sundae-2I was intrigued by their sundaes so I had that ordered for my parents. Since they would be sharing it, large seemed like a good size. Yeah…upon seeing the serving on that one, it probably was more than enough. Haha. 😀 I liked how carefully they twirled the frozen vanilla and chocolate custard twist that made for one leaning tower of happiness! With some sprinkles, nuts and a cherry on top, this sundae was quite good. Creamy with a good balance of sweet factor 😉

ritas-italian-iceBy the time we finished our sweet servings, I must say that their treats indeed will make one happy. Though the service wasn’t as accommodating as I expected, they do make up for it in the way they carefully prepare their offers. As people still flock this place, it’s one of those stops that you have to be patient for as the wait is really worth it. 😉

Rita’s Italian Ice
Unit 115-116, V-Mall,
Greenhills Shopping Center,
Greenhills, San Juan City
Official website:


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